Voip Phone Reviews

VoIP telephony is gaining traction in the communications marketplace, and it is expected to move steadily upwards in terms of how many people use it. The benefits of the system as compared to standard copper-wire phone systems are increasingly well known; the question these days is less likely to be “are you going to start using VoIP?” and more likely to be “When you sign up for VoIP, which provider do you think you will use?”. Simply put, there is such a wide range of choice out there that the customer can feel a little bit paralyzed by indecision.

You can either read all the reviews or head on to our top choice Voipo which is rated best for residential or business use as per our various reviewing criteria.

Reviews of 18 Best Voip Companies:

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  8. MyPhoneCompany

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  10. Phone Power

  11. Phone.com

  12. Ring Central

  13. Skype

  14. VoiceEclipse

  15. Voipgo

  16. Vonage

  17. Rebtel

  18. JoiPhone

It helps to have the picture clarified a little bit. Knowing what is available is one thing; knowing how it compares to what else is out there in the market another thing entirely. It goes without saying that some of the providers will be better than others and some will not be as good. The nature of competition dictates that some will be at the top and others will be at the bottom – but what makes a company better or worse? What are the factors that you should be looking at when making a decision on your future VoIP provider? This is one of the things we will seek to clarify here.

Different VoIP providers may appeal to different sectors of the market, and indeed may be deliberately pitched in such a way. Although VoIP has taken its initial steps in the market by gaining the interest of business users (who have more interest in dramatically slashing calling costs, due to the higher volume of calls they make), it is certainly beginning to gain the interest of domestic users too. Some providers will load their service with business friendly features such as vanity numbers (which allow you to pick a memorable number that customers will be more likely to dial) while others will focus on delivering something residential customers need, such as extra lines.

This is an important factor in how you choose your VoIP provider, because the priorities of each user may be different. The business user who picks a more residential-focused provider will find that they don’t save anywhere near as much money as someone who made a more considered choice; while the residential user who picks a business provider may well find themselves paying more for the service while only using a small percentage of its features. There are other reasons to pay attention to the focus of the VoIP service provider, but this is a key aspect of your search.

At the end of the day, the most important thing for anyone about to become a customer is value for money. This doesn’t mean you should be looking for the cheapest service available. You may think you are saving money by picking the service with the lowest monthly subscription, but then find that you are being stung with call costs, poor service or a lack of features which means you have to pay for more options. The best value for money comes with a service that doesn’t cost the Earth but still manages to deliver a high quality of service, useful features and strong user support.

In order to aid you in the decision making process, we have ensured that as many categories are covered as is necessary. This will aid you in deciding which company meets your priorities best; the companies which score highest in the areas which are important to you will be the best choice for you. It is possible that these will also be the companies with the highest overall score, but because not every customer is the same it is important to recognise that this is not a “one size fits all” matter. The final choice lies with you, and our reviews are merely intended as helpful guidance.


1. Cost:

The first category that we cover is Cost. There is no escaping the fact that price is an important issue for many users. Even though some of us will happily state that we will pay whatever it takes to get the best, the truth of the matter is that if you can get something for a lower price you will be well advised to take it. Over the course of a contract the expense can begin to add up and if you can get a service that meets all your needs for less than you might have been paying, you’ll have more money at the end of the month. It is important to focus on getting the best deal, and even if cost is not your number one priority it is worth paying attention to.

The cost issue does not focus merely on how much a monthly subscription is. It is also essential to pay attention to what you are paying for. Some companies will take a “stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap approach”, attracting customers by focusing on their low up-front cost. This is only of limited use, though, if you find that this low cost isn’t covering very much. It is better to pay slightly more for a calling plan which allows you unlimited minutes calling (domestically, nationally or internationally) than to pay bargain basement costs for a service that gives few or no free minutes.

Of course, this is not to say that the cheaper calling plans are necessarily a bad idea; some of the less expensive plans still manage to offer very competitive packages, if you are prepared to shop around. Often you will find that the best service for your needs actually falls in the middle of the pricing scale; more features than the majority of the cheaper ones while being more affordable than the ones at the top end. Again, it is worth shopping around to find the one that will suit you best. It is best to avoid cheap ones that leave you needing to add other services or expensive suppliers that throw a lot of features at you which you don’t need and will never use.


2. Ease of Installation:

Another important category is Ease of Installation. This would normally not feature so highly in a review of a service, but with VoIP you are likely to have to install the package yourself, and the companies that do offer installation as part of the package will tack an extra amount on to the cost. Bearing in mind that we aren’t all technically skilled, the ease or otherwise of installing a package can be a make or break factor. Some of the more technical services can take a complicated installation, and if you’re not comfortable with technology you will struggle to even use the system.

On the other hand, some of the services out there on the market are simple, download-only packages. They are a dream to install, and up and running within less than an hour; but for this you will find that they are somewhat limited in terms of quality. Ideally you want a system that is somewhere in the middle; one which works well and can be installed by the average person. If you have a bit more technical know-how then that’s great – you can work with the more complicated systems and benefit from the greater versatility that they can usually muster.


3. Tech Support:

You will also be keen to find a service that scores well on Tech Support. Customer awareness is such a buzz-phrase in any industry, and with good reason. This is the kind of issue that actually causes people to up and leave one provider for another, sometimes even forfeiting the remainder of their subscription costs just to be rid of the service once and for all. The truth is that even with the best suppliers you may sometimes find that you’re having problems and, when this is the case, you will want to have a company with tech support that can help you navigate the problems you are having.

There are a lot of aspects to modern tech support, and there is a great deal of variance between what the different companies will offer you. Some will have dedicated phone lines which are easily reached even after business hours. Some will have FAQ sections on their websites that allow you to deal with troubleshooting yourself. Others will have live chat options that allow you to go through your issues by Instant Messenger and some will have a form on their site to fill in, detailing the issues you are having. Some will have a combination of these features, some will have none of them.

The fact is that you will want a system with good tech support even if you aren’t having many problems with your service. The moment you do have a problem, it is important to get the best help possible. A lot of companies pay lip service to how good their tech support and customer services are, without actually getting down to brass tacks and making sure that they provide real support when there is a problem. The more aspects a company’s tech support has, the better for the customer; especially if the service is being used for business. When you can’t afford for systems to go down, you need to know you’ll be able to restore them as soon as possible.


4. Quality of Voice:

There are other matters to consider too; not least of these on a phone system is Quality of Voice Service. If you are paying a small amount of money for a service with lots of features and a bunch of free minutes, which has excellent customer services, it still won’t amount to a hill of beans if the quality of voice service is generally poor. With most of the established and even a lot of the newer suppliers, voice service on VoIP systems has really improved over the years and has become in many ways superior to the quality offered by most standard copper-wire systems.

There is often not a great deal of difference between levels of voice service offered by competing providers, but it can make your choice easier. Particularly if you are buying for a business solution, clarity of voice will be important in cases where there is going to be a lot of background noise. Being able to hear the other person is important. Also, the better providers tend to do a very good job of cleaning up the noise in the background so that even if things are quite loud in your office, the person you are speaking to will be able to hear you perfectly.


5. Speed:

Speed is also of the essence in today’s society, and having a VoIP service that connects quickly and has a speedy login interface is an underrated feature. Particularly at business level, being able to operate with a minimum of waiting time can make a huge difference. We are a people less accustomed to waiting than ever before. Do you remember dial-up internet? Imagine you had to go back to that now; that’s an example of how, with waiting times largely eliminated, we just don’t deal well with having to sit and wait for something to load.


6. Features:

Last but not least in the list of important factors in our reviews, the issue of Features is one that can make the difference between two otherwise very similar providers. It’s not about which provider has the most features; some of the systems on the market have a very long list of options but on that list there may be very few which actively improve the user’s experience with the service. It is also about relevance of features. Something which might be essential at business level may be entirely useless to a residential user and vice versa.

The important issue about the features included with your VoIP service is how much they benefit you. Features such as an extra line will be massively beneficial for households which have a lot of people in them. Rather than fighting over the telephone, or imposing restrictions on when it can be used, you can have multiple lines, a lot cheaper than would be the case if you were to get a new line fitted by the phone company. Being able to have your voicemail forwarded to another device or to your email inbox can also be hugely beneficial if you are looking to run a tight ship business-wise.

In the course of reviewing the various providers on the market, we have taken these six factors into account and given each a score out of ten, with the overall score being marked out of sixty. It is up to you whether you prioritize one of the six factors or take the overall mark as your guide. Whatever the case, it is well worth reading a number of reviews to get the best overall picture of which provider will give you what you need.


You can read Voip reviews in detail or head on to Voipo which we recommend as per our various reviewing criteria.

Using the phone to call people for a long time, over a long distance, or at certain times of the day can leave you feeling that you aren’t getting value for money. Any of us who have received a monthly phone bill will be quite aware that making a call over a standard phone line is something that needs to be done in exactly the right way if it is not to end up costing a pretty large pile of money. And if your business relies on being able to make calls on a regular basis, the bill can end up eating into your profits.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calling is a system that is custom designed to take this kind of headache away for both personal and business calls. For one thing, because the calls are carried over the internet, there is no extra charge for any specific call – no matter how long, no matter where to and no matter what time of day the call is made. A three-hour call to the other side of the world at peak hours will cost the same as a three-minute call to someone three floors down in the same building.

Obviously this is particularly beneficial for business users – the ability to make the call to a customer in another country without worrying how much it will set you back is a very important consideration. Information is essential when you are in business, and you can’t sit around wondering if you can afford to make a call to iron out the finer details of a deal when it is reaching a critical stage. Having the capability to make VoIP calls is just absolutely essential in this day and age if your business is to kick on to the next level.

However it really is more than a cost issue – if money is all that matters then there are always going to be other ways to get around the price. Convenience is also important, and for any call that really matters there is real importance on being able to arrange matters so that business doesn’t take on a farcical side with information being passed on from person to person to person as though it were a game of pass the parcel. Again, VoIP has a solution to this, with a greatly facilitated ability to make multi-person calls – so the people involved in any deal will all know, at the same time, what they need to do.

In addition to these benefits, using VoIP for business or for any other reason allows you a more flexible service. If there is a lot of important information that needs to be passed on during a telephone conversation, it will either take forever or need to be arranged for later. Using VoIP, you can send files and graphical information which can be understood immediately and digested in full at the time or later. Overall, VoIP just makes things more convenient.


As we have established, then, having a VoIP service is always going to be highly beneficial for your business and for various other reasons. It then becomes a matter of deciding which service to go for, as there are a few. This is where it is important to read VoIP reviews. By doing this you will pick up the necessary information on what each internet phone service provides for you. Making the decision on which service provider to go for requires you to balance your priorities against what is on offer.

Any VoIP phone review will point up the specific benefits and the drawbacks of a particular service in terms of monthly fees, special requirements for calling abroad, free minutes and the amount of data you can send using the service. Knowing this information is important, and it should be included in any VoIP phone review, as you can save yourself a lot of money if you pick the right service for the right priorities. VoIP phones are always going to be cheaper to run than a standard phone line, so it becomes a matter of balancing one against another to see which is the best VoIP phone.

For any business owner, this is a particularly important consideration. Remember that when you are paying for a cheap VoIP phone you might be saving money up front, but will it lose you money in the long run? You have to be sure that you are making the soundest economic decision, and also look out for hidden costs. The larger VoIP phone companies may be the best ones to go with, as they tend to have more transparency in their pricing structures and this will allow you to do the sums a lot more easily.

The phone service reviews you read will enable you to make the correct decision when it comes to picking a provider – an important decision for any business, or indeed any household (specifically one which has friends and family living abroad). This is an important step for anyone who is looking to buy VoIP phone services in an effort to save money and effort on keeping in contact for either family reasons or in an effort to keep the profits ticking over for their business. Whatever the reason for getting a SIP VoIP phone or any other kind, it is important to know what the experts say.

The bottom line is this: You will save money by paying up front for a VoIP phone and in doing so will enhance the profits of your business or ensure that your household has less money going out than in previous months. The decision should be quite straightforward, and you should then simply have a few basic decisions to make. Will you get a USB VoIP phone or a WiFi VoIP phone? It’s up to you, but reading VoIP phone reviews will make this decision and others a lot more informed and beneficial for you.


There are many different providers out there for anyone looking for a decent wireless VoIP phone. The tricky part for any user, above all, is the question of which one to go with. It is pretty easy to feel that you are spoiled for choice. The best VoIP phone for you will not necessarily be the best for someone else. Fortunately, a number of the better review sites have a handy guide which will help you make the decision by entering some information about your phone usage and your needs from the system.

Picking the best provider for you may take some time and you may get some conflicting viewpoints, but it is important to bear in mind that your part in this decision is a vital one. The more research you do, the better. One of the first considerations is the issue of whether you are a business or residential user, as tariffs and calling plans will inevitably vary considerably between the two distinct groups. For a business user, the monthly fees will be higher, but then so will the level of use, and the necessity for calling abroad.

For a residential user, there will be different considerations. What might be more beneficial for home users? Things like a second line will be helpful. This is provided as a matter of course by more expensive business providers, but given that the average home will make far fewer calls in a month than the average business, the necessity for another line is lower in their case, the price charged is smaller, and it becomes more of a “bonus” feature to have. Different names will crop up in respect of business VoIP use and residential VoIP use, so it is good to know where you should look.

The bigger names in business VoIP provision include RingCentral, Vocalocity, 8×8, Nextiva, Aptela and Apptix. Each of these services will have a different upside to offer the customer. While some might offer better deals on calls and a lower monthly charge, others might win you over due to their high level of customization or their better customer support. Ease of use is important for a business service, because in many cases there will be tens, even hundreds of people from the one company using the service. Ensuring that extensive training is not required for the phone system is important.

For residential use, names like ITP, Via:Talk, Phone Power, VoIP.com and CallCentric will be among the names that you look for if you want to find the best value and the optimum service for your needs. These service providers are focused on delivering the best VoIP service to you, and will highlight different aspects of their service than the business providers. Things that will be provided as standard for business VoIP services may be more “special” factors for a residential provider, such as unlimited or virtually unlimited calls, lower international rates and second lines. It’s your call.


VoIP internet telephony has been in use for under a decade, but has made some waves in the time that it has been available. An obvious example of the service is Skype, although this is seen more typically as a system for the casual user, and paid-for services are believed to offer a better level of service and more customization for users who will be using the system more fully. Basically, the popularity of VoIP for corporate use has a lot to do with its greater efficiency as compared to the standard, traditional wire-based networks.

VoIP phone companies have specifically targeted business as their most likely source of a big profit, due to the dependence of business on an efficient phone system which needs to work for long periods at a time with high call volumes. Your reading of phone service reviews should be tied up with an effort to find out which service has the best customer relations, because on those occasions when the system is not running as smoothly as you had hoped, getting it back up and running is essential.

People looking to buy VoIP phone systems will naturally ask themselves – and the providers – what the system can offer them. An increasing number of services are concerned with bundling a number of communications systems together, including calls, faxes, voice mail and email, as well as call conferencing. In this respect there has been some division of service, between VoIP phone services which cater to larger businesses and ones which are aimed at SMB companies (small to medium businesses). Both require different VoIP phone systems.

A company needs to choose the VoIP phone software which will best suit their aims. Having a single, specific phone number which can be routed swiftly to a number of extensions will allow things to run more smoothly. The importance of a VoIP phone system which is reactive to the customer’s needs cannot be overestimated. Additionally, there are some individuals which will prefer to use a USB phone and others who will prefer a remotely-connected one which allows them more freedom to roam.

Internet phones are also in vogue because they allow users to set their own configuration preferences. Calls can be routed to and through cell phones (depending on the capability of the phone) – so if your business requires you to be on the move you can route everything through your cell phone and avoid having more than one piece of software to maintain and oversee. Using a cordless VoIP phone is a preference for many companies, as making your phone wireless means that you can move to somewhere quieter, make a call on the move or continue the call as you pick up a document from the printer.

Wifi VoIP phones are, as a result, increasingly popular as they can be used in conjunction with a cell or a laptop and are the ideal way of making sure that you don’t miss calls when out of the office. How well the company concerned deals with this diversity of devices is one of the essential things to keep in kind when making a VoIP phone comparison.


VoIP service reviews will be a very useful read for anyone who is looking to get the best from their phone system. The importance of reading the right reviews is clear – if you make your decision based on the wrong information then you will end up paying more than you should, and getting a poorer service. A review will tell you what a provider can give you in terms of a good wireless phone, or which phone adapters it can offer to make your calling more efficient. Some systems will even come bundled with a free VoIP phone or mobile phone.

Anyone looking for a business VoIP phone will have some priorities in terms of what they want from a VoIP phones review. Will the phone calls run out at a certain point in the month without notice? Does the VoIP phone company have a customer services department which deals with maintenance issues swiftly and satisfactorily? How does it compare with other phone service providers in terms of what it can offer to the business user? These are all important issues which need to be addressed.

Whether you are intending to use a cordless phone or prefer to work with USB VoIP phones, the fact is that by using a broadband phone system you will gain a lot in terms of efficiency, even if the call quality is slightly impaired in comparison with a copper-wire standard network. You should also take into account when costing the service whether one of the higher priced phone providers will offer you a better quality of VoIP phone handset which will mean that you lose less money owing to issues with hardware.

The best VoIP phones will offer you a level of call quality which means that the service pays for itself. Companies which offer the service cut price, but some packaged with wireless VoIP phones which provide poorer quality, can end up costing you more money through dropped calls and customer dissatisfaction. Therefore you have a decision to make when deciding to use a WiFi phone system – take your chances with a budget phone service provider, or pay for a trusted one.

A heads-up as to the efficiency of any phone set is not the only reason to read VoIP reviews, of course. By using the system laid out on any review sites, you can discover which is the cheapest VoIP phone provider that offers everything you have set out as a requirement from your provider, which ones offer a video phone as part of the package, and other issues that may enable you to make the right decision. Additionally, knowing which service offers which mode of phone adaptor allows you to tailor your choice to the needs of your workforce.

By focusing on review sites you can check which companies are the best for your priorities. Do you want two VoIP phone numbers so that there is one for business calls taken at home and another for your kids to take calls from their friends? In the case of someone looking for a VoIP home phone, this can often be the deciding factor. The best VoIP phone service differs for different people, because everyone has different priorities. The above one is important for people who might be waiting on an important VoIP phone call only to be disturbed by a social call.


There is no getting away from the fact that different people will benefit from different VoIP phone plans. Picking the right one is an important step to take, because there are so many available and by getting the one that works for you first time, you can save a lot of money. It will also enable you to recognise which companies offer a SIP phone or an internet VoIP phone, and can direct you to sites which have a rundown of the available cheap VoIP phones. It will also tell you of any extra equipment you may need – for a certain VoIP phone WiFi will be needed, and so on.

Residential reviews are well worth looking at if you have a VoIP cell phone. As we all know, calling plans for cell phones can be extortionate, and being able to rely on the cheaper VoIP calls may be beneficial. With the right VoIP phone provider you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run. All of this information will be included in a VoIP review, if it is worth anything. A good review will also tell you how the service operates with each type of VoIP phone, USB, SIP or otherwise. Having a dedicated VoIP phone line means you can use that line for some calls, and your traditional phone for others.

Good VoIP phone reviews will also enlighten you to call quality. While a traditional phone line still offers the best in terms of stability, there can be a difference between different internet phone service providers in terms of which offers the closest replication of that. You should also be aware of what makes a good small business VoIP phone system, as it will often be different from what is good for larger businesses. Do you know whether a Linksys VoIP phone will be right for you? A review will tell you.

An IP phone review is always going to be informative reading for someone looking for the right choice, business or residential. IP phone reviews are important for anyone looking to make the perfect choice to save them money and guarantee the best standards of service. Without these reviews many of us would be in the dark over which cordless VoIP phones are the most efficient and what VoIP phone equipment is necessary, and which is superfluous. You should also check out which providers offer a DECT phone, which will extend the roaming potential of your service.

There is no shortage of internet phone service reviews on the internet  but you should be sure to look out for those which are little more than glorified promotional sites. Some VoIP phones reviews seem suspiciously effusive in their praise of one service or product above all others. As far as possible these should be ignored when it comes to choosing your IP phone, especially if the VoIP phone price seems to be larger than you would expect. This is true of a business VoIP phone service or any other.

If you are working for a company that has a lot of retail customers, then bear in mind that they may not have VoIP phone and ensure that the service has a good PC to phone compatibility – some VoIP phones can sound faint or garbled when calling out to standard phone lines. You should definitely compare VoIP phone services against one another for this capability if you are planning to use the system in this regard. Some people say that Polycom VoIP phones are the best around for this, but your own research may say different.

When looking for internet phone reviews it may be good sense to look at a site like Amazon, which is open to contributors and will give you as unbiased a cross-section as possible. The best VoIP phone solution you can get will only become obvious when you do as much research as possible. This includes reading as many VoIP phone system reviews as you can handle from various different sources. When looking for the perfect VoIP business phone system, just remember that there are plenty of variables to take into account.

Your IP phone requirements are down to your specific needs from a day-to-day service. An internet phone for a small services company serving a local community will be vastly different from that used by a call-center staffed by a hundred or more people. While the first business can be served by a more simplified system, the second will need more calling hours, more lines and more peripheral kit. If you are working a lot with other companies – going business to business – which use VoIP, then a phone to phone system will be necessary.


The success of the VoIP technology which has emerged has led to a greater number of VoIP service providers, and this is not without its drawbacks. Some of the phone systems reviews that you will read may be curiously short on facts, and this may have to do with a company having no established  success. As more VoIP providers spring up, there is no doubt that there will be some who are not up to scratch. Look out for companies making strange and outlandish claims about their range of IP phones.

If an unheralded name pops up saying that they will give you the best service for your VoIP phone, cordless or otherwise, be suspicious and try to find an independent review praising their approach to phone solutions. Otherwise the review you do read may just have been planted. There is big money on VoIP business phone systems and no shortage of fly-by-night companies looking to make a quick buck from that. Remember that a broadband VoIP phone is practically useless without the right service to make it work.

Pretty much every company will tell you that they offer the best VoIP service, and this has everything to do with voice over IP becoming such a big money industry. Independent VoIP provider reviews are essential reading, as only from reading these will you get the best range of opinions. VoIP service reviews can be biased and this is why you need to read such a wide range, especially when it comes to business VoIP reviews, as business providers have plenty of ability to entice reviewers to say good things. As a result, some business VoIP reviews are misleading.

Always beware the VoIP service review that tells you the user has never had a single problem with the service and which goes on to bad-mouth other providers. This is a classic technique used by “sock puppet” reviewers posing as independent when they are actually employed by the company. In terms of VoIP reviews, 2009 was a particularly prolific year for this kind of reviewer, but they are still active today. Looking to dedicated consumer sites can give you some very good unbiased VoIP providers reviews.

Always be prepared to follow up the reading of good VoIP service reviews with a trip to a dedicated forum which will have a broad sweep of opinion on there – if VoIP company reviews stand up to that kind of scrutiny they are probably well worth checking out. Expert opinion on VoIP services can be found on such forums as well as in the consumer sections of newspapers, magazines and on the internet. In addition, tech magazines will have a great deal of VoIP headset reviews, and will make clear which provider they think the headset works well with.

While it is true that you get what you pay for, residential users may find that they get everything they need from a free VoIP provider such as Skype. It is certainly worth using the service for a while to see what you would be getting if you paid for a service – usually the paid services have some extra nuts and bolts as detailed in any good business VoIP review. The vast cross-section of business VoIP providers is such that each company will have something specific to offer.

The best VoIP service for you is the one who offers the most things that are on your list of priorities. This means that before you set about choosing one, you should consider what you are looking from it, and then base your reading of a VoIP providers review on how many boxes are ticked. Choosing between VoIP solutions is as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. Your ideal VoIP system is the one that works for you, but remember that by learning as much as you can about it you will have a head-start on someone who needs to ask “What is VoIP, then?”

A good VoIP provider review will be set out in paragraphs and will cover the pros, followed by the cons, of the system in question. From this, it is easy for you to go point by point and decide if the provider in question is the best VoIP provider for you. If you want cheap VoIP, then focus on the reviews where the price is considered a pro. If one company is praised highly for its residential VoIP services, then give it a tick if that is one of your priorities. Set your own specified VoIP test and see which companies score highest.


Many VoIP for business reviews will be written from the point of view of a reviewer rather than a business person, if you can see the distinction. If you are looking to set your business up on VoIP, compare the positive reviews and see which ones come from a business point of view and which from a technical point of view. The distinction may seem small but is important. One will know everything there is to know about VoIP software, but the one that knows how it affects a business is the one you should be listening to. A VoIP service provider that has a lot of technical niceties but falls apart under the strain of a busy day will be no use to you.

A hosted VoIP system has its merits compared with one that is free-standing, but will it be appropriate to your needs? A business customer who reviews the system in an unbiased manner will be the one you should listen to. VoIP companies will shout loud and proud about what their product does, but only someone who has used it under pressure will really know if its failings make the positives irrelevant. This is why the best person to review an internet phone service is someone whose business relies on its success.

VoIP calling is designed to bring phone bills down, but if the system fails when under pressure you will spend more time on the standard traditional phone trying to sort it out, and lose business, making that saving irrelevant. Cheap or free VoIP calls are only any use if you can use them. This can be a particular problem with a small business solution being applied to a larger business, and is why there are different VoIP systems for each. Good VoIP business providers will have structured pricing and usage plans for each.

The best review sites will be the ones that allow you to run a VoIP comparison using your specific details and then tell you which provider is best tailored to you in terms of equipment –  the importance of getting information from VoIP adapter reviews is essential – and which will, in the long run, work out as the cheapest VoIP solution for you. After all, if the online service is great but the VoIP adapter you use consistently fails, you won’t benefit from the positive side of things. These are all important considerations when it comes to choosing a VoIP telephone service.


There are so many considerations to take into account when comparing different providers that any VoIP customer will get tired just trying to narrow it down. But when looking for good VoIP hardware or software it is worth the ground work, especially when choosing your VoIP for business reasons. The best voice over IP providers are the ones that consider the long-term benefits of their system – they will retain more customers and gain a stranglehold over a business sector that will only grow from here.

A quick Google for VoIP reviews 2010 will show you a long, seemingly endless list of results, but just from looking at the top five you will be a lot more aware of what the best VoIP solution for you will be. The better your understanding of VoIP telephony, the more you will be able to take from these reviews. Your business differs from the next person’s, so maybe mobile VoIP will work for them, but you may benefit more from a standard fixed phone VoIP – for which there are many options. Things like this are all-important when you bear in mind that international calls from a standard cell phone can be extortionate.

Bear in mind that while a small business VoIP solution may limit the range of your business, it will allow you to make savings that can lead to you affording the more expensive VoIP gateway systems when the time is right. There are so many differing VoIP telephone systems precisely because there are so many applications which use it, and they differ in scope and focus. A free VoIP service may be perfect for your teenage daughter, but will it be cost-effective for your multi-national firm?

You don’t have to have a communications professor’s understanding of SIP trunking to read VoIP reviews – they are laid out to be understandable, if they are any good. What you need to know is which system will make a VoIP call more affordable, and if they are compatible with SIP VoIP.  Details like that are the important ones in residential VoIP reviews, and are the ones which you need to fit into the plans of your company. Where VoIP rates are concerned, what matters is that they work for you in the long run.

If you are in the communications business yourself, you may even diversify and become a VoIP reseller, should the opportunity arise. At this point, you may need to learn more about things like SIP, but if you are in it purely as a customer, your primary concern will always be whether the IP phone service to which you are signing up provides the calling capability that you are looking for. You can get the information you need from reading VoIP reviews, customer reports and forums dedicated to communications.

Context is vitally important, too. While an ITP VoIP review, or one for VoipCheap may make it sound like the best thing imaginable in one context, it might be that you aren’t looking for a free provider but one which will allow you a greater diversity of service – so it might be the perfect service for you or less than perfect. You owe it to yourself to really read into VoIP telephones and technology and let the reviews be filtered through what you already know. For the perfect business VoIP service, you will have to have a strong understanding.

IP telephony is a growing business, and it will continue growing. Getting in on the ground floor means that you will have a mastery of the system before everyone else – and being a long-serving customer of the best VoIP providers is going to serve you well when it comes to getting the best deal. If you have already got the equipment and are less than happy with your pricing plan, then a service like BroadVoice will let you use the equipment you have at discounted call costs. Any SIP provider worth their salt will offer plans like this to long-serving clients.

Being able to identify the best VoIP telephone service will save you money, but it does take time and research. Knowing whether you want WiFi VoIP is an important thing, as wireless VoIP can cost more up front and, if you aren’t using it, mean that you are paying money to your business VoIP provider to do precisely nothing. Also check that your customers aren’t paying more to call VoIP phones, as there are some business VoIP services that pass on the expense that you have saved to external callers. These are business VoIP solutions that can save you money up front, but lose you business long-term.

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