Be a Customer or A Reseller Using VOIPO Discount & More

If you take a look at the telephone’s history, you would really be more than amazed at how far the phone technology has gone. If phones were a piece of appliance only to those who were considered ‘moneyed’, in this day and age, you would not be able to see any individual above thirteen without any handheld mobile device. You have fax phones, mobile phones, satellite uplink phones, and now comes VOIPO. With VOIPO discount, you can easily choose among the services that they offer ranging from home service phone, to toll free numbers, to being a VoIP reseller.

Why VOIPO? As there are three main services that VOIPO offers, you need to know which one is the best service to have.

What is Residential VoIP? Using residential VOIPO allows you to make calls…that is, unlimited calls to the US and Canada. Do you know what’s great about this? You can use your regular phone to do this and you do not even need a computer to do it. With VOIPO discounts, you can easily avail of their new customer promotion of paying only a hundred and forty-nine dollars for two years of service. Isn’t that a great service to have for two years? Nothing to worry about phone bills for the next two years allowing and granting you unlimited calls to any state in the United States plus Canada. Should you have any new plans and would wish to migrate to any state in the US, you can have your VOIPO be transferred to your current phone number. The key word that you need to be aware of is the seventy five percent savings. VOIPO discounts are offered to existing and new customers. All you need to do is to check on VOIPO website every now and then to find these promo codes as they become available. Customer satisfaction is important. In ensuring that not only do you get great service, you are always thought of to have the best of what services you avail of.

What is Business VOIPO? Just like your regular residential VOIPO services, you get to feel that savings as you avail of their two year contract paying only a hundred and forty-nine dollars. VOIPO discounts make you pleased and delighted to know that while you are using this business line, you can still afford to make those necessary international calls because VOIPO discounts are plentiful, even giving you free international calling credit, with free sixty minutes per month to selected destinations.

Lastly, get to know about VOIPO reseller feature. Why? Earn while you make use of VOIPO’s services. Start your own small phone company and reap the benefits of offering the best phone line and service to loyal subscribers. While you might think that this is not possible, read through what VOIPO can help you with. You can be a reseller offering these services: home phone service, offering toll-free numbers, even voicemail services, as well as virtual numbers using your own brand or being an affiliate of VOIPO.

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