Benefits of a Hosted VoIP Phone System

Ladies and gentlemen of the business world, listen up: it is time to switch to a hosted VoIP phone system. There are numerous benefits to using a hosted VoIP phone system instead of your traditional phone system. Here are just a few:
Money (Or, Not Buying the Box)

Money in the business world is pretty much everything. Businesses rise and fall based on the amount of money they take in (less the amount they spend). By saving money, you could be saving your business – or even putting it ahead. So how does a hosted VoIP phone system factor in? Well, if you have a traditional PBX phone system, that means you have the hardware for it – namely, a large PBX box that takes up your precious space (hey, space is money too) and was purchased or rented on your dime. If you switch to a hosted VoIP phone system instead, the whole thing is “hosted” – meaning the hardware for it is at the provider’s location, not yours.

Help is Already There

Since you don’t own the box that keeps it running, you don’t have to worry as much about making sure your hosted VoIP phone system is up and running – that is someone else’s job and you pay them to do it. It also protects the system from anything that could be going wrong with the things you are still responsible for. Plus, there’s very good likelihood that the service provider is more familiar with the problems than anyone at your company is, so it may be fixed quicker. At least, you don’t have to pay for the repairs if something in the system collapses completely, which goes back to the point about money.

Advances without the Hassle

Your business works hard to be innovative, because those who are succeed better. They appeal more to clients and customers. But remember that your VoIP provider is a business, too, and they make more money when they have better technology. If you assume the full cost of your PBX phone system, then you are also required to pay for any improvements. However, if you get a hosted VoIP phone system, then you can benefit as the VoIP provider improves its technologies and features (the better to keep your service with).

A PBX phone system does wonder for your business (you probably already know), but a hosted VoIP phone system can do even better than that – as anyone who has already begun using one will likely attest. For more information on this issue, talk to a VoIP phone service provider that specializes in businesses.

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