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The mantra of choice is one that runs through just about every business’ mission statement. Being able to offer a wide range of choice to a wide range of customers is something that every CEO wants to be able to say they can do. In this respect, BroadVoice is one of the companies operating within the VoIP sector at the present time who feel they can offer a better range of choice than any of their competitors. So does this focus on breadth of choice make BroadVoice a realistic competitor at the top of the market?


Cost:  As is to be expected from a company prioritising choice, there is a wide range between the cheapest calling plan and the most affordable. For unlimited calls in your home state, you can pay as little as $9.95, while you can also pick a video phone option for $34.95, with various other options in between. One word of warning with BroadVoice is that there are certain restrictions which apply to each of their plans and you would be well advised to read the fine print before using any of the plans. You may find that a call you believed would be free ends up costing you. Still, if you pick the right plan and work within its allowances, this is a good value provider particularly for in-state calls. A mark of 7/10 is appropriate.


Ease Of Installation:  Like a lot of other companies, BroadVoice has excellent customer service and tech support as well as helpful instructions provided with its equipment. Also like a lot of other companies, we cannot help but feel that BroadVoice would have been better served taking some of the time that it took to set up this excellent support system and applying it to making installation a little less complicated. It’s good that they are helpful, no doubt – but you will wish you hadn’t needed that help. It’s a little like offering someone unlimited refills but making them go to the store to pick up the coffee. For this reason, 8/10 is the best we can mark them here.


Tech Support: As noted, the company does provide excellent tech support on all levels. If you feel confident at solving a fault yourself, the information that will allow you to do so is set out in the Help section of the website. This was one of the most detailed support sections that we saw on any website and, if there is a problem that you cannot get to the bottom of alone, you can call the manufacturer for help. There are no timeframe targets given as to when the query will be solved. This may set alarm bells ringing for some but, on the other hand, it is a lot better than making rash promises that many companies entirely fail to make good on. This makes BroadVoice well worth a mark of 9/10.


Quality of Voice Service:  BroadVoice seems to fall into the category of “serious provider” as opposed to the more exciting bracket that a lot of companies aim for in order to entice customers. As is the standard with this former category, the level of voice service allowed by the BroadVoice setup is highly regarded, and with good reason. No call drop-outs while we were testing it, and a clarity of sound that many other companies would do well to offer. There may be other companies that do it a little better, but not many and not much better. This earns BroadVoice a clear 8/10.


Speed:  There is not much waiting around involved when you place a call using BroadVoice. Promptness seems to be a watchword for them, as the speed of response when you call customer service will back up. For you, the act of making a call will be reassuringly speedy and there is little variance in connection times no matter when you call or how often. This means that BroadVoice deserves a mark of 8/10.


Features:  There is a definite sense of “you get what you pay for” with BroadVoice as there are premium features available to those who pay a little more. BroadVoice lists eighteen basic features which are common to all calling plans, seven advanced features and an additional five premium features. The standard of the features is pretty good, although nothing on the list stands out as earth-shaking. As you might expect from a company that is serious about VoIP, the add-ons aren’t exactly flashy but they all do a beneficial job. This is good enough to merit a mark of 8/10.


Overall:  But for a slight let-down on a couple of fronts, there would be a very high mark to be had here. Nonetheless there is a consistent standard of quality which is hard to fault and an overall total of 48/60 is certainly not too shabby. There may be better providers out there, but this is a very sound option for many customers.

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