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After You Get Business VoIP Phone System: Potential Post-Purchase Luxuries

Once you start saving with a business VoIP phone system, you’re going to have a little bit of money left over – at least, this is true if you plan right. In some cases, this scaling back will mean that your business is operating within its means. That may be the case if your company is struggling financially and you needed to cut back something – it was either the phone bill price or Bob from Accounting. However if you chose to get a business VoIP phone system in order to get ahead of the game (and perhaps avoid having to be strapped for cash later) you should think about possible post-purchase luxuries to spend a little of those savings on. Here are a few ideas:

After the Business VoIP Phone System Luxury #1: A New Chair

Wouldn’t you like a new chair? Maybe your back has been hurting and you need more lumbar support, or maybe you want something with wheels and a touch of leather. Peruse some interior department stores and look for a chair that will fit your needs. Don’t go crazy, but do enjoy it – your good sense earned it. And, once you have that attractive comfortable new furniture, be sure to think of the phone system that allowed you to splurge in such a matter.

After the Business VoIP Phone System Luxury #2:  A Business Trip

Have you been meaning to meet with a customer who has been faithful and friendly for years, but you could never quite manage the expense? Use some of your VoIP savings to book a plane ticket to visit the business partner that has stood by your side, even when some competitors were offering cheaper prices. And while it will serve to improve your business relationships, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it – take in a show, go to dinner and have fun.

After the Business VoIP Phone System Luxury #3: An Assistant

Since your VoIP phone system is hosted and provides an automated assistant for calls, you can afford to change your receptionist’s duties up a bit. Pull her away from the phones for a while (he or she may be glad for the change as well) and assign him or her new tasks; perhaps he can help you keep your schedule in order, or make sure you have your morning coffee. If you are interested in sharing some of your good fortune, you can ask her what projects she might like to tackle with her new time.

Business requires a serious mindset, but you should also allow yourself to enjoy your working experience. If you make a decision that saves your company time and money – such as purchasing a VoIP system – take at least a small moment to appreciate the savings. Just don’t overdo it, or else you might enjoy yourself into the red.

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