It is fair to say that a large number of the innovations made in our world today, whether or not they make their way to our homes, start in the business world. There is good reason for this; while budgeting in the home is useful and important, budgeting in business is absolutely essential. Every penny has to be accounted for, and loose budgeting in business can very quickly lead to bankruptcy. As much as we like to think that innovation happens for its own sake and because it will make our lives easier, the fact is that innovation is driven by financial imperatives.

The internet, cell phones, instant messaging; all of these are innovations in communication from the last few decades, and they all have in common that they were first developed for mass use in the business sector. The companies that drive an economy need to be able to rely on a solution that gives them convenience, adaptability and ease of use; they may have a workforce of hundreds of staff, who may all need to have access to a solution like the one just described. And that wheel of innovation doesn’t just stop – there are more eventualities that need to be covered.


Where Does VoIP Come In?

VoIP is the latest development in business communication, and it addresses a need that none of the other systems to precede it have currently seen to. Put simply, voice transmission in large volumes and to diverse destinations has up to now been either impossible or too expensive for most businesses. This has meant that developing a company’s interests beyond its own shores has been impossible, and has stopped a number of companies from growing to the extent that they would wish to achieve. VoIP is the most promising solution yet and offers companies the chance to make an improvement and a saving on the communications front.

VoIP is cheaper than the standard system of calling – the one we are all familiar with, that operates from a phone plugged into a wall socket – because the voice transmission is done almost entirely online. As you will already know, the internet shrinks the world somewhat; if you are chatting on Instant Messenger or emailing someone, it doesn’t matter if they are in Cairo, Tokyo, Rome or New York, or just down the road from you. Your message will get to them at the same time, and it won’t cost you any extra. Equally, a long email or instant message will cost no more than a short one.


Why This Is A Big Deal

What VoIP does is to create a system that does for voice calling what these other ways of communication have done for their niche. It harnesses the world-shrinking power of the internet and delivers a system that levels the playing field somewhat. Now, a business doesn’t need to be listed on the Stock Exchange to be multinational. VoIP has benefits for every business from the smallest to the largest; it will allow bigger companies to cut their communications expenditure back and the smaller companies will be able to afford large volume calling to other parts of the world.

Other elements of VoIP calling have their benefits for a business, too. Among others, they include the facility for a member of staff to use the system at no extra personal cost wherever they are in the world – thus allowing people to work from home and cutting down on travel expenses. From a communications point of view, it doesn’t matter how far away from the office you are; it still works out at the same cost. Other features such as VoIP conferencing and Vanity Numbers – which sounds like a worthless add-on but allows you to choose a more memorable or attractive phone number – can really help a business too.


What Does This Mean For Businesses?

It is easy to see why this system will in the fullness of time be used in the home, too, but at present VoIP is already being used very widely in business. There remains a large number of businesses who have not made the change, but there are various reasons for this, including an ignorance on the part of decision-makers of the benefits the system can have. The truth of the matter is that VoIP has its benefits for every business in the world that is already using the internet. This is not a system that will offer something to a certain type of business – every business wants to save money.

Because of the way VoIP operates, it is also open to development. Without needing to spend a lot of money on new equipment, you can add features and upgrade your system without the need for a technician to carry out the installation. All of this has to be music to the ears of business owners who want to have the best communications system but do not want to have to constantly make fundamental changes to their operating equipment. VoIP is, without doubt, the most exciting thing to happen to business communications in the last decade, and probably for much longer.

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