Can’t See VOIPO Promotional Code On-site? Then it Means, Discounts for Everyone!

Sometimes, the VOIPO site does not have a VOIPO promotional code. But customers do not need to worry. VOIPO is just giving discounts for everyone. Despite the low rates that VOIPO have with their telephone service, they also give promos so that maximum customer experience is available for everyone.

What is VOIPO?

Hostgator, one of the most notorious hosting services backs the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that VOIPO provides. So you can be insured that their technology is top of the class. But if it’s top of the class, some might think that it comes with a very high price. Well that is a surprise because you can have it for as low as $6 a month! And above that, they still give promos to their subscribers. So what really is the VoIP service?

Voice over Internet Protocol

The VoIP is basically an Internet voice call. It uses technologies like the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) that handles the voice calls and video calls in the Internet. However, the traditional VOIP service needs the use of a computer to call. The VoIP that VOIPO gives require only your traditional telephone, and their adapter. The adapter is very easy to install. Just connect the phone line to the Internet line and then it will serve as the handler of the VoIP call. But it doesn’t just give a phone calling service; it also has a lot of different features that come with it.


Their service has lots of features that are very useful for a landline phone subscriber. First is the seven, ten and twelve digit dialing, which is very useful especially when you need to call seven, ten or twelve numbered digit phone numbers. It also has both the call waiting and call waiting ID feature. The call-blocking feature, which is very useful to many, is also included with the account. You can also call two people at a time with its three-way calling feature. Returning calls will just be a breeze because of its *69 dialing feature. You can also have anonymous calling by dialing *67 at the start of your call. It is that easy. These are just some of the basic features included with the subscription. There are other features that come with the subscription. One is that, you can order a virtual number for you telephone. Also you can easily handle your account through SMS and Internet.

VOIPO also have an amazing customer service. Many were satisfied by their customer service response because they responded quickly to the needs of their subscribers. They also respond quickly to potential subscribers that ask about the service. They have electronic manuals available for both basic and advanced user of their service. Their website also is full of valuable information to teach users more about the VoIP service that they give. Quality service is ensured with just a very low price. That is the service that VOIPO gives.

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