Cheap VoIP Phone Options: Should You Still Get Quality?

So, you wish that you never had to think the phrase “cheap VoIP phone,” that you were rich enough to choose whatever you wanted and never even look at the price tag. Unfortunately, the reality is that you have consulted your checkbook, held onto your check stubs, considered emergency expenses and you really need to choose a cheap VoIP phone. That can be a little bit depressing when you’d rather go on a wild spending spree, buying all of the latest in VoIP technology but before you get too sad, consider this: buying a cheap phone doesn’t have to mean buying a bad one. You can get low price and quality too. Here’s what you have to do:

Define Your Bottom Line (or, ask: What is a cheap phone?)

You need a cheap phone, okay; the question is what does the word “cheap” mean for you? What is a cheap VoIP phone to you might be borderline expensive for others, so don’t leave things so vague in your mind. Instead, figure out what exactly your bottom line is – how much can you really afford to spend? Figure out a dollar amount and write it down. This will help you remember and stick to that goal.

Shop Around for that Cheap VoIP Phone

Look at all the stores, both locally situated and online, in order to price the phones. Make a chart, keep store ads, do whatever you need to in order to remember which VoIP phone costs what, and where.

Ask for Price-Matching

If you find an advertisement for a cheap VoIP phone but would prefer to purchase your phone from another store or retailer, contact the sales department and ask if they do price matching. Not all stores do this, but some do. If they price match, you will be able to show them the lower price for a good VoIP phone and receive the same price from your preferred location.

Consult Your VoIP Phone Service Provider

Before you make a purchase, speak to your VoIP service provider about what hardware is necessary (if there is a particular brand you should be looking for, for example) and whether or not they offer their own hardware for a discounted price. Much the way people get a heavy discount on new phones when they sign a cell phone plan or are able to rent a cheap cable modem when ordering internet service, VoIP customers are often privy to special deals offered by the service providers. Sometimes, the provider will not offer this information unless asked, so be sure to inquire as to whether or not you have access to these deals. The best time to do this might be when you are first ordering your VoIP service plan, as they may use the deals to seal the deal, so to speak.

At first glance, it may not seem like there are an overwhelming number of places offering a cheap VoIP phone for sale, but if you follow a few easy steps, you could get exactly what you need for the price you want. So shake off the stigma of having to purchase a “cheap VoIP phone” and get to business on finding one that’s perfect.

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