Choosing VoIP Phones

A VoIP phone is much like a regular phone. There is a mouthpiece, ear piece, number pad, and display hardware. The difference lies on the technology used. While the traditional or regular phones depend on PSTN technology, VoIP phones depends on voice over internet protocol technology the latter allows placing telephone calls over an IP network like the Internet so you will need to be connected to the internet when placing VoIP calls. The rates of calls placed over an IP network are much cheaper than those placed over PSTN. Below are some details that may help you in choosing VoIP phones and accessories.

Standard VoIP Phone

The standard VoIP phone looks much the same as a regular phone. It has an earpiece and mouthpiece connected by a shaft for easy holding. It also has a number pad for dialing. Usually, a VoIP internet phone will have a display feature where the user can see the numbers while he dials or the caller ID.

In addition, a standard VoIP phone will have GPP (general purpose processor), DSP (digital signal processor, ADC and DAC converters and ports for PC connections. The GPP is responsible for processing application messages. The DSP is the one that processes RTP messages. ADC and DAC converters are the ones that convert voice to data. The ports allow you to connect the VoIP phone to your computer as this is necessary.

USB VoIP Phone

A USB VoIP phone has a USB interface. You just need to plug it to the USB port of your computer to start making calls. It is easy and simple to use making it a great choice for people with little VoIP know how. A good USB VoIP phone can be used with different VoIP softwares.

USB VoIP phones are convenient to use. They have convenient sizes for easy holding and they can be easily connected to your computer like a flash drive or a USB mouse.

VoIP Speaker Phone

A VoIP speaker phone is not necessary but a good addition to your VoIP system. It gives you the freedom to do something else with your hands while you talk to someone on the other line. It basically features a hands free calling. If you do not want others to hear what the other person on the line is saying, the VoIP speaker phones also allow private calls. Some manufacturers of VoIP speaker phones also add a port for headphones.

When choosing a VoIP phone, it is better to compare the features before the prices and never forget to read reviews. While more features mean higher price, it is still possible to get a reasonably priced VoIP phone that can give you all the features you want.

VoIP phone systems have various sizes, shapes and features. You just need to identify your requirements and preferences and you can certainly find a phone that will match them. All of them will allow you to place calls at a much cheaper rate through an IP network.

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