Common Mistakes in Availing of VoIP Services from VOIPo or Other Service Providers

More business companies are now ditching their traditional telephone system in order to make way for the newer Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP hosted services. You can enjoy a new phone connection and even more benefits from the modern features that the service has. Some of its features include telecommuting, multiple location communication, virtual local number, unified communications, private faxes, and more. You can likely see some of these features in service providers such as VOIPo.

Despite the features that a user can enjoy from the services of companies like VOIPo, there are still times when the launch of this new kind of communication fails. This is due to choosing the wrong service provider. In order to avoid failure, you have to take note of the following mistakes:

1. Launching hosted VoIP service with a broadband connection that cannot accommodate VoIP.

Communication in VoIP is dependent on your broadband connection. If it has insufficient or unstable bandwidth, you cannot expect good VoIP services for your business. Your business may suffer from problems like dropped calls, garbled voice, choppy connection and severe frustration on the part of your employees. Your Internet connection should be stable, large and free of problems. Ask the provider about how they are going to stabilize connection problems in the future. If you cannot get what they are trying to explain, they might not be the partner for you.

2. Choosing a young service provider.

New service providers are likely to encounter problems that they would have a hard time solving. On the other hand, newer service providers can deploy their VoIP service without to much fuss. Experience is an edge that you should look for in your service provider, like in VOIPo. New service providers might use your business as a part of their experiment after having launched its young service.

3. Not asking for hidden charges and calling plans.

Some service providers can lure you in by fronting cheap rates, However, there are hidden charges that might surprise you once you are about to pay for the service. There are cheap calling plans but you cannot get to fully enjoy them when the connection keeps breaking up. Ask for the per-minute charges of the calling plans and squeeze the hidden charges out of the service providers first.

4. Choosing a service provider with no essential VoIP features.

Do not settle only with the basic features offered by any service provider. Look at other features that can help move your company forward.

5. Choosing a service with no voice traffic assistance.

DSL and cable Internet connection have slow upload speeds. If you send large attachments with your emails while you are on a VoIP call, this will give you a low quality connection. You can avoid this problem by asking the service provider, much like VOIPo, to prioritize voice traffic. If the provider says no, you better find another one.

6. Not knowing about termination fees and other charges.

It is important to go over your contract even before you sign one. This will inform you about termination charges and the things involved in cancelling a contract.

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