Considering a VoIP PBX Phone System

Why should you consider a VoIP PBX Phone System?

Well, once upon a time, PBX phone systems were reserved for only really big businesses. Literally! Only companies which had a very large number of employees could justify the expense of moving in the new technology – which included some very important features which you may now recognize as standard for any phone. Things like call waiting, call forwarding, conference calls and call transferring capabilities were all introduced on a PBX system, so you can imagine why those who could afford the expensive system used it so much. The PBX systems were serious business, and they came with serious hardware: the PBX boxes nowadays are still large (don’t fool yourself) but they were even larger when PBX was still new in the 1950’s.  Well fast-forward a few decades. PBX phone systems are still very common tools for businesses, except now they are affordable for everyone – big business, small business, even no business if you really want one just because (this last option however is not recommended and may well be a waste of money – PBX phone systems are designed to enhance businesses).

PBX systems are still around to provide your company with all the best features available, only now the trend has shifted, with an increasing number of people investing in a VoIP PBX phone system. But what’s that? A VoIP PBX phone system combines everything you love about the PBX phone system and incorporates the advantages of VoIP.  Another other name for the VoIP PBX phone system is IP-PBX, which pays reference to the fact that communication is sent through the internet with these systems.

Although you should expect lower prices with a VoIP PBX phone system, you should also anticipate the same (and more) of its myriad features. Automated answering service (to help direct calls when there’s no one behind the desk, provide hours of operation, and otherwise guide people calling your business)? Check. As many lines as you require for your employees to do business? Check. Conference calls, so you can communicate as well with your employee stationed in the Far East as you do with the ones sitting across from your desk? Check. It’s important to recognize that a VoIP PBX phone system is adding on to what you already had available, not taking anything away. The only thing you are losing if you decide to make the switch is the initial cost of set-up, and even that can be lessened or deferred, depending on the size of your business and the VoIP PBX phone system provider you select. Remember that once upon a time, even regular PBX phone systems were reserved for the elite: the wealthy and the huge, businesses that got ahead of the game and stayed there by accessing important technologies that their competitors could not.

Now, the playing field is currently leveled: a VoIP PBX phone system is affordable for anyone, not just the big players. Not everyone has VoIP yet, but almost everyone has access to it. It doesn’t mean you have to jump into action and select one for your business (whatever its size may be)… but maybe you should. Or, at the very least, consider it.

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