Different Types Of VoIP Phones

An Introduction to the Concept of VoIP:

Are There Different Types Of VoIP Phones?

Why the need for a VoIP phone?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the in thing these days as far communication is concerned. The advent of internet has made such rapid progress in the field of communication that they offer a customer to make calls to anywhere in the world using his computer and that too at no extra cost. The cheapest VoIP phone service is one that you can easily set up at home for a very smaller amount or sometimes they even come absolutely free by rendering the services of Skype. All you need is an internet connection that is a high speed broadband connection to communicate with your loved ones all over the world anytime and anywhere without paying a single penny. Let us now discuss about the different types of cheapest VoIP phones that are available in the market.

1) Soft phone:
The cheapest VoIP phone that is available is the soft phone or the software phone. To use this soft phone for making calls, you will have to have a high speed broadband internet connection and a good quality microphone with a headset along with VoIP phone line. The use of a soft phone is similar to using a regular phone. The only difference being that the communication will be done with the help of a personal computer or a laptop. The cheapest VoIP phone line can be downloaded from the internet on to your computer and a phone will be displayed on the screen once the download is complete. The computer phone will resemble the normal phone and numbers have to be dialed using the key pad. For a call to be made, the call button has to be pressed on the screen after dialing the number. Within a few seconds you can hear the phone number of the called party ringing. The call will be connected once the called party picks up the phone. A soft phone account can easily be created along with the regular account provided by the VoIP phone service provider.

2) Regular Analog phone:

The normal phone in your home and office can be used to get connected to the outside world through VoIP service. An ATA device is one that helps in connecting the normal phone headset into a small box that is used as a conversion device which helps in connecting the digital signals from the internet with the analog land phone signals. The cheapest VoIP phone service provider will b able to install this device at your workplace absolutely free only requirement is that you should have an account of that particular VoIP service provider. They are not the cheapest VoIP phone service device as it involves the use of a normal phone.

3) VoIP specific phone:

Many companies are not producing the cheapest VoIP phones that are specific phones plugged to the internet network or those which connect without wires. These phones need very conducive atmosphere to work properly and hence are not pr3efered much by people who communicate to the outside world with VoIP phone service. Also they may pick up signals or radio signals fro other devices that working the same mghz frequency. They are relatively very expensive when compared to the cheapest VoIP phones like Soft phone.

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