Everything You Need to Know about VoIP Phone Service and Phone Systems

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It is designed to make calls at a cheaper rate. There are companies that provide a VoIP phone service. When you avail their service, they will give you a VoIP adapter which you will connect to your internet modem or broadband as well as to your phone. These companies charge lower rates for the service compared to the regular call rates of phone companies. There are also companies that offer “standalone” VoIP phones. Below are some things that you may need to know about VoIP phone service. These details should help you assess if the service will benefit you.

VoIP Phone System/Systems

The standard VoIP phone system/systems are usually made up by the following: speaker or ear phone, microphone, number or key pad, display hardware, general purpose processor (GPP), digital signal processor (DSP), ADC or DAC converter, PC data jack, and battery or DC source.

The display hardware is important for showing number inputs as well as caller IDs. The GPP is used to process application messages while DSP is used to process RTP messages. In some cases, manufacturers of VoIP phone systems combine GPP and DSP in one chip. ADC and DAC, on the other hand, are used to convert voice to data or data to voice. The PC data jack allows users to achieve data connection between the phone and the computer.
However, there are other kinds of VoIP phones that have been made over the past years such as USB phone and Wi-Fi phone for VoIP. These give the basic benefits of VoIP phones but the convenience of using them without the hassles of using wires is present.

Benefits of Using VoIP Phones

Whether you will use a standalone VoIP phone or will avail a VoIP service from a company, the benefits are usually the same. One main benefit is that you can place calls at a much lower rate. The difference on rates of VoIP services and traditional telecommunication companies is huge. This is why VoIP phones and services are recommended to individuals and companies that need to call a bunch of people every now and then. Plus, the rates on VoIP services are usually fixed. It will not increase regardless of the number of calls that you will make.

Another benefit of using VoIP phones is that the calls – local, national and international calls – are practically unlimited and have the same rate since the call will be placed through the internet. This is advantageous to people who want to call their loved ones overseas or to global companies that have customers in various parts of the world.

Features of VoIP Phone Services

When it comes to VoIP phone services, you will find a lot of providers that offer various features and promos. Nevertheless, a feature like unlimited calls is always on the list. Other features that you can enjoy with a VoIP phone service are the following: speed dialing, voicemail, caller ID, unlimited phonebook or contact list, three-way calling, call blocking, and call forwarding. In some VoIP services or phone systems, weather reports are also included.

Ensuring You Get the Best VoIP Phone System or Service

There is really no such thing as the best VoIP phone system or service. Since most VoIP phone systems and services vary due to their manufacturers and providers, you need to think about the features that you want to get in order to identify the best VoIP phone system or service for you. To ensure that you will get the best VoIP phone system, service and accessories, you may want to list down all your requirements and look for good options. Compare these good options and consider the features more than the price.

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