Features to Look for in a Business VoIP Phone Service

When selecting a business VoIP phone service, it is important that you make sure it has the features which will help your business succeed. A quality VoIP phone service provider should be your partner, supporting you in several integral ways. Read on for a list of features to look for in a business VoIP phone service.

Local Number: Some VoIP providers give you a new number, with an area code that could be from any location around the country.  However, this is a great inconvenience when you are a business, because people may not understand that you are local and you could lose clients this way. People also may be more hesitant to contact your customer support if they feel they will be charged more for doing so. Inquire as to whether or not your VoIP service will allow you to retain that local number

411: The larger your business, the more difficult it can be for both your employees and your customers/clients to locate the person they need to talk to. Your business VoIP phone service should include a directory so everyone is easy to find. This will good for both clients and boost employee productivity.

Automated Attendant: An automated attendant is a machine program feature which can direct any calls to the appropriate extension, provide information about when you might be available and take messages (then deliver them out). You should always ask if your business VoIP phone service offers these capabilities, so you don’t have to have a person doing them. Do remember, however, that customers and clients do appreciate being able to get into contact with a living, breathing person sometimes.

Conference Calls: You should always be able to hold a conference call with multiple people, at once. There may be times when your teams are split up and you need them to cooperate on a work project.

There are many, many more potential features. Go through a list of them with your VoIP service provider.

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