Features to Look for in IP Phones

Picking the right IP phone (which you can then use to place VoIP calls – or calls that are sent as data through the internet), is important. You may be carrying it in your hard a lot, making important calls, etc. You need something reliable, comfortable and supportive. Here are some features to look for when sorting between IP phones.

Screen: some phones have large, clear screens and some have none. If you do choose a phone with a screen, make sure you select a good one as it usually adds to the cost. You should be able to clearly read the screen at all times. Also, ask if the screens adjust, so that they remain visible in bright sunlight (many do not).

Security: conventional wisdom suggests that you shouldn’t leave your wireless internet access open or unlocked, because it makes it easy for hackers to get into your system (and possibly do illegal things). The same applies to your VoIP phone, so inquire as to whether or not the phones you are interested in have built-in security, such as WAP encryption. This can keep people from tampering.

Audio: just because VoIP uses ever-advancing technology does not mean that the audio capabilities installed on all of the IP phones is up to date and state of the art. Indeed, some sound muffled or unclear. This is inconvenient at best and at the worst, can cause you to miss important information. In a business setting, it would be considered downright unprofessional.    If possible, listen to what the audio is like on a phone before you buy it. If trying them out is not possible, at least consult people who have already tried the product in order to gain some insight.

Wireless/Cordless: If you make all your calls from the same quiet corner, ignore this; however, if you would like the ability to step away from your desk or corner, look for IP phones which may be used wirelessly. Ask about the range – how far away can you be from the base and still have reception?

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