Finding a VoIP Phone Service in Your Area

Finding a VoIP phone service in your area may seem tricky, primarily because many of them are smaller than the phone companies you are used to hearing about – the ones that provide your usual landline or cellular options. But, you may be surprised to realize how many VoIP service providers there actually area. There are several ways to find the ones that offer service in your areas.

Look for internet-based options. If you want the phone service for your home, you may find that using popular companies such as Skype (perhaps the best known and most reliable), Google (through its ever-expanding Google Voice brand), or even Facebook (which also includes a video chat capabilities) serve your purpose, and at a low rate (sometimes less than a penny per minute). But they may not work if you something more extensive than talking to Grandma a few states over; while Skype has been utilized by businesses for worldwide communication, the others are still growing.

Search online for companies which offer VoIP phone service in your area. Some sites are especially helpful because they list not only the service providers by name, but also provide a detailed comparison chart regarding prices and who the companies tailor their business towards (a home setting vs. business one, for example). Just be wary of who’s making the chart – one service provider might skew a chart to make itself look better than the rest.

Look in your phonebook for guidance in find a VoIP phone service in your area, as well. There are some benefits to choosing a company which has an actual office nearby. It can be more convenient for making payments, for one. Also, it may be useful to be able to talk to an actual person, face-to-face, when experiencing difficulties. And, if they need to send someone out to your house or office to make a repair, it will likely take less time for that person to arrive. However, make sure you aren’t paying too much. Sometimes, larger, national phone companies are able to offer discounted rates because of their size – something you might not get from small business VoIP phone service provider.

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