Getting VoIP Phone System/VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP has gained great popularity among many individuals and companies. They are preferred by many over traditional PSTN phones. One main reason is that calls placed through a VoIP phone system are cheaper. If you are the kind of person who calls a lot of people every now and then, a residential VoIP phone can help you save lots of money on phone bills. VoIP phones are also great for business companies that need to make national and international calls frequently. You can certainly save on long distance calls through the VoIP technology. Here are some ways to get VoIP phone system/VoIP phone systems.

Investing for a VoIP Phone

If you want to get rid of your PSTN phone and buy a VoIP phone, there are definitely a lot of options. You can opt to buy a standard VoIP phone that looks much like the PSTN phone. There are also smaller or portable VoIP phones. Some phones are also much convenient to use. For instance, you can choose to buy a Wifi VoIP phone. It will allow you to call over an IP network without dealing with cords and cables. There are also Bluetooth VoIP phones. It also carries the wireless feature. If wire connections are alright with you, the USB VoIP phones are a great choice. It allows easy connection through the USB ports of modern computers and laptops.

All VoIP phones use a digital signal processor (DSP), which is also known as voice engine. It processes RTP messages. VoIP phones also have a general purpose processor (GPP) that processes application messages. In some VoIP phones, the DSP and GPP are put together in a single chip. There are also converters like ADC and DAC that convert voice and digital data.
VoIP phones also have a display feature. This is a staple since calls over an IP network usually enables callers to see caller IDs including name and email addresses. Plus, most VoIP phones will allow you to block, return, and forward calls. There are also VoIP phones that allow speed dialing and three way calling.

Using Your PSTN Phone for VoIP Calls

If you want to take advantage of the VoIP technology, another option is to continue using your old PSTN phone. What you will need to buy is an analog telephone adapter or ATA. This adapter will be connected to your PSTN phone and to your internet modem, which is also connected to your computer. An ATA is also convenient to use. With a few wire connections, you can already start making VoIP calls.

Choosing VoIP Phone or ATA

Most VoIP phone service providers can provide both VoIP phone and ATA. It is up to your requirements and preferences which one to avail. When choosing between buying a new VoIP phone or using your PSTN phone and opting to buy an adapter, you need to consider your needs and wants. A USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi VoIP phone may provide you with the convenience of wireless operation. It is something that ATA cannot provide you.

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