Good Features in VoIP Packages Offered by VOIPo and Similar Service Providers

Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIPO) is a phone system that has taken the business world by storm. This is a more modern way for people and businesses to communicate. Instead of using land based wiring like in traditional landline connection or signals from the cellular towers, it uses broadband connection. It has better features such as routing phone calls instead of the switching methods in traditional phone systems, lower costs and better Internet services. Moreover, a business does not need to invest in large infrastructure to get started in VoIP once you deal with a service provider like VOIPo. All you need to have is a conventional phone, broadband connection, and minimal hardware and software support.

There are many VoIP service providers like VOIPo that enable you to call long distance or call locally with unlimited time for as little as $199 annually. Imagine just how much savings you can have if you avail of this kind of service. There are also service providers, much like VOIPo, that offers their package to both business and residential customers. There are some of the typical features that you can find in a VoIP service package, such as:

• Monthly rate savings. You can avail of cheaper long distance calls and unlimited local calls from your VoIP service. These features also come with enhanced features compared to conventional phone systems. If you compare the monthly rates of these different systems, you can save as much as 75% annually if you use a package from a company like VOIPo.

• 911 service. This is one of the important and usual features that you can find in a VoIP service package. Most service providers have E911 feature at hand.

• International calling. You can compare the international service rates from one service provider to another. This requires research but your effort will pay off once you start enjoying your savings. Usually, international rates differ from each service provider. There are even some providers that are willing to offer unlimited calls for overseas recipients though the countries may already be predetermined.

• Phone number transfer. Your business phone number can be used in your current VoIP service. However, you still have to look for a service provider which can extend this kind of service. Maintaining the phone number that your business started out with is important so that you will not miss out on business calls. It is very possible that you will not be able to inform all of your customers about your change of number. When you do find a service provider with this kind of feature, it would be wise to test its services first.

• Money back guarantee. This can provide you with a good assurance that whenever you have some solutions that you do not like in the VoIP service, you can get your money back. Some service providers offer this kind of guarantee that can back up customers for 30 days. This is still a good feature to look for in any VoIP service package.

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