How to convert existing number to VoIP phone number?

VoIP and its benefits for businesses:

One of the latest innovations in the field of telecommunication is the Voice over Internet Protocol or simply VoIP. This is a system wherein calls made locally or internationally do not require a telephone system but only needs a high speed broadband or DSL connection. The major advantage of VoIP systems for business is the huge cost savings on monthly bills and it does not require a telephone operator to route the calls to and fro from the system .All this is done digitally by the VoIP system itself. The ease of communication, call conferencing, teleconferencing, call wait, call forwarding, caller id etc; are some of the features that are offered by VoIP service providers at a nominal cot or in some cases absolutely free.

Can I convert local number to VoIP phone number?

After going through the benefits and advantages, you would be thinking of changing your traditional phone connection into VoIP phones. But since your current telephone number is known to your business associates, it will be difficult to change the numbers instantly. But the VoIP service provides this facility and hence you can change your existing number to be the same VoIP phone number without any complications. The area code that is attached along with the phone number will come in handy here. If you are switching over to the VoIP system, then you should choose a service provider in the same locality or area of the existing telephone connection. Here, you will be allowed to move from one carrier to the other and this process is called as Local Number Portability. The process to shift the number may take a few days to even a week’s time depending on the type of VoIP phone number you are moving.

Will this change of number be done?

A good VoIP service provider in your area or locality will easily assist you to change your existing land phone number into a VoIP phone number. Nowadays, most of the VoIP Companies accepts online application for Local number portability.  Once the online application is received, the company will process the application as soon as possible and get things sorted out within 7 to 10 working days. An e-mail regarding the possible date of transfer of number as VoIP phone number will be sent to the customer after processing his application.

Benefits of changing to VoIP phone number.

The first and foremost benefit is that the customer will be able to retain his same business number even if he changes his communication system totally. The other advantage of using VoIP phone number is the reduction in the monthly bills of the company apart from instant communication with business associates all across the globe at no extra cost. There are plenty of advantages of switching an existing phone connection to a VoIP phone number, but one must be careful in choosing a good VoIP service provider who will provide the entire necessary infrastructure needed to run the business over the internet.

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