How to Get a VoIP Phone Free

Although it is easy to find a free VoIP phone service, it is much trickier to obtain a VoIP phone free – but tricky does not mean impossible. There are a few ways to accomplish this, though it may cost in other ways, such as time, patience and alternate expenses. It the promise of a VoIP phone free is almost enough for you to think it’s always worth the effort, but in this case make sure the opportunity cost is not higher than simply shelling out the extra cash – after all, VoIP phones aren’t really that expensive. Here are some tricks to try to fandangle your way into a VoIP phone at no cost

Enter Giveaways or Contests

Search everywhere – the internet, your local stores, and any other place you can think of for a VoIP phone free. On occasion, there will be giveaways or contests with a free VoIP phone as potential prizes. There is no guarantee you will be able to find these giveaways, but if you have patience and are diligent in your searching, you just may be able to pull this off. The downside: even if you find these giveaways and contests there’s no promise that you will win (indeed, the odds will probably be against you). Nevertheless, it is an option to try. Everyone is lucky sometimes!

Order VoIP Service

At the other end of spectrum is something more assured and perhaps sensible – but with a catch of its one. Sometimes, service providers offer a free VoIP phone to new customers. This won’t work for you if you already have (and like) your current provider, but if you’re just getting into the game it has definite promise as an option. Talk to the sales representative about it and see what strings are attached – often, the free phone comes with a service plan (which may require monthly payments for up to a few years). If you cancel these pre-set plans you will be obligated to pay a disconnection fee (but at least your phone will still be free).

Offer Reviews

This option requires a little bit of prestige – you can’t offer to give reviews if you are no one! Many service providers and VoIP phone manufactures receive a number of positive reviews online, anyway. But if you have a little bit of clout, you may be able to work this option for a VoIP phone free. Think of all those major technology websites – they receive the products at no cost in exchange for their talking about it (and the reviews aren’t even always positive). If you have your own popular blog (or are some kind of celebrity), contact VoIP providers and discuss the possibility of granting them publicity in exchange for a free VoIP phone.

There’s always a catch when it comes to finding a VoIP phone free, but that doesn’t mean you should rule the options out. Rather, consider the odds of obtaining the free phone, what you will have to give in return (if not money) and how much it would cost you to simply buy a new one.

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