Impress Your Boss with a Business VoIP Phone Plan

You’re a good worker. No, scratch that – you’re a great worker. You show up on time, you make sure there’s coffee in the coffee pot, you do your work with finesse and a smile. You laugh over the water cooler with co-workers but once you sit down in your chair, you’re all focus. There’s room for improvement in your performance (this is probably true of everyone) but when reminded of it, you take it with a smile and try to implement changes. And still, it sometimes seems like your boss just doesn’t seem impressed. Try this tactic to get noticed: create a business VoIP phone plan and share it with your employer. By putting it into a quick and easy to understand plan, you make it simple your busy boss to understand the potential benefits and demonstrate two things: first, that you are capable of being a huge asset to the company by saving money, and secondly, that you have initiative and dedication. And all you need to accomplish this is a business VoIP phone plan.

Why a Business VoIP Phone

VoIP phones are saving company’s money all the time. Not all companies have them, but those that do implement the new technology are usually pleased with it and never look back. Plus, the transition can be a fairly easy one – the company your business gets its phone service from may well already have a business VoIP phone option. On top of that, it sounds nice.

Some Steps to Take

Call around to a variety of VoIP phone service providers.  Don’t give away the specifics of your company – you aren’t an official representative – just get quotes for a company that approximates your own. Ask for the quotes to be faxed or emailed to you, so you can show your boss later.

Make a Presentation

Make sure the presentation includes an outline too. This should demonstrate the potential prices the benefits and a brief description of how the transition would take place. It should also mention a few potential drawbacks for the business VoIP phone system, but also include possible remedies. The outline is what you should share first, but be ready to pull out the whole presentation whenever your boss wants to hear it. Practice giving it a few times so that you can work out the bugs, consider potential questions and refine your thoughts.

Be Confident

The worst thing that could happen is your boss would not be interested. So don’t act like you’re afraid of his or her reaction. Instead, act confident about your business VoIP phone plan and proud of the work you did putting the presentation and cost-benefit analysis of it together. Even if your boss does say no, he or she might be impressed by the way you hold yourself.

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