Is a VoIP Business Phone System a Must?

So, for a long time, the question as to whether or not your business should switch to a VoIP business system instead of utilizing traditional phones was very subjective. It was all about opinion, really, and whether or not you wanted to take somewhat of a risk by jumping onto the VoIP business boat. But there is good reason to suggest that the question has evolved and is no longer “is it worth it” but rather “can you survive if you don’t make the transition?” Now, it is quite possible that the answer is still no, but when you preview a small list of reasons why you it may be a must, you just might realize you’re already behind the times. Read on:

Keeping Up with the Joneses

You know the phrase “keeping up with the Jonses?” It refers to the need to stay up-to-date with all the best in order to not be outshone by your wealthy and fictional neighbors.  Well, apply it to your business. That’s not to suggest you should rack up the expenses by buying everything, but instead buying the things you need to… well, keep up. If Jim Jones was racing you to a job interview in his new Viper, while you putted along in your 1980’s Pinto, you’d lose the chance to make a first impression. Likewise, if your competitor is able to communicate with your potential clients better, that company will win. One way to make sure you are keeping in technology is to use a hosted VoIP business system, which can greatly reduce cost but also offer a bevy of options (think voicemails, automated receptionists and more).

The Globalization Factor

You also need to consider the effects of globalization. These days, it isn’t uncommon for a business (maybe your business) to have departments located overseas in order to save costs. Or maybe you have a lot of global clients and frequently send representatives overseas. Using a VoIP service provider can give you a cheap, clear option for communicating in conference calls. Some VoIP business providers also offer video chat, so you can actually hold conferences and have everyone “present” be able to watch it unfurl in real time.

More Money

Sometimes, using a VoIP client can also mean money. For example, you can use an automated receptionist to answer calls when your regular receptionist is off duty or has already worked a full workday. This prevents you from having to hire a second receptionist when the office is closed, anyway; and, it can save you from paying the one you currently have overtime. This is just one example; only you can determine more by exploring how your company interacts with a VoIP business system.

A Must?

If you have your own company, you are probably proud of it. You built it, from the ground up, and you did a pretty job of it because you are still in business – even thinking of how you are going to grow into the future. You may not want to hear someone tell you that anything is “a must.” It was your good instincts, not someone else’s rules that brought you success in the first place. Nevertheless, you probably know there are some things you must to do keep your business thriving – like paying taxes, presenting a professional front, etc. – and it may time to consider that adding a VoIP phone system is, in fact, one of those things.

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