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ITP Voip Reviews

Not everyone who is interested in using new technology is necessarily up to speed with all the technological specifications included, and a lot of the publicity that goes into selling a new service can be fairly heavy on extraneous detail. ITP has come widely recommended because it is seen as a no-frills, down-to-business provider that lays out in simple terms what it can do and why it is a sound option for the VoIP beginner. It’s not just beginners who have given it a good write-up, though. A lot of people are switching to the service because they feel it has the best grasp of what a VoIP provider should offer.


In our review, we intend to get to the bottom of why ITP is seen as a sound option for more than just the VoIP newbies out there.


Cost:  When you hear the words “no frills”, you hope that also means “low cost”. In this respect, ITP certainly comes up to expectations, as its basic cost is set at $9.99 a month. For that modest outlay you get unlimited calling to numbers in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. You can add 500 long distance minutes to that if you go for the Basic plan, and there are additions that can be made for a small added cost which can build in unlimited long-distance minutes as well as other options. However, if you just want to go for that basic plan, you’ll find it meets most needs. ITP scores a healthy 8/10 for costs.


Ease Of Installation:  Users have casually commented on the fact that there seem to be more steps in the setup process for ITP than there are with other providers. The key word there is “casually”. It is not something that anyone has referred to as being off-putting, and the additional steps are very simple. There are still only seven steps at most (and more usually five) between unpacking the equipment and making your first call using ITP – and they are all pretty intuitive. It’s not something that will frustrate you, and means that for ease of installation ITP still scores a healthy 7/10.


Tech Support: It is hard to truly evaluate how good the ITP tech support service is. On their website, the FAQ section and a number of technical guides certainly seem to cover most imaginable problems, and these will more than suffice for the average customer. However, if you have a problem that is not covered in these guides, or which does not seem to be solved after following them, there are two tech support methods. While we hear good things about their telephone helpdesk and the customer service form, it is worth noting that ITP does not list opening hours for the helpdesk nor any ballpark response time for the form; it’s a little discouraging for comparison shoppers, and we can only give a mark of 6/10 as a result.


Quality of Voice Service:  A no-frills service is something of a gamble, because it means the product will stand or fall on the quality of the service alone. It is in this respect that ITP has won a lot of supporters, because the quality of phone service provided shows you exactly where their efforts have gone. During the time spent testing it, it never failed and never wavered – a very high quality service that absolutely merits the 9/10 mark we have given it.


Speed: Due in no small part to the simplicity of the service, ITP can offer extremely fast connection for all users, no matter the destination of the cost. It compares favorably in this respect with many of the more expensive providers, some of whom appear to have taken a gamble on people being prepared to tolerate a longer connection time in order to have more extraneous features in their VoIP service. Looking at it realistically, we’d always prefer a faster service with fewer peripherals than a feature-packed service that takes longer and therefore ITP scores 9/10 on this scale.


Features:  As has been hinted, ITP does not focus so much on the additional features that are a mainstay of some of the bigger names, preferring to target a better quality of service on the essentials. Nonetheless, it is not without add-ons, and the ability to add a fax line, call from your PC or your laptop and add a toll free number are welcome aspects that may well interest you. 7/10 here because, although it has most of what you’d want and all of what you need, a few more options would make it even better.


Summary:  A total mark of 46 out of 60 is certainly nothing to be ashamed of – in fact it’s better than 75%, which is where we would put the line marked “excellent”. Yes, a few more options would be nice and we can’t escape the lack of certainty on the tech support front, but for what you’d pay for it ITP is an excellent system which is well worth investigating whether you’re a VoIP novice or someone looking to switch from another provider.

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