JoiPhone Review

Do you find yourself a hapless soul who can not really afford to call up your distant family members or friends, frequently owing to sky rocketing phone bills? You might need to get out of your small shell since there are a number of VoIP based services that are not only providing the facility to call anywhere in the world but also at very low prices.

Joiphone allows its customers to call in around 70 countries around the world with some outstanding features like, local and long distance dialing, disable call waiting on all calls, web call history management, caller ID, web access to voicemail, custom greeting, block anonymous calls, CID on call waiting, call blasting-simultaneous call, music on-hold, 911 emergency service, speed dial and many more.

Joiphone is one of those VoIP based phone service, which has made a lot of people’s lives easier. The service provided by Joiphone will let you make unlimited local as well as long distance calls at a price that will allow you to save up on your hard earned money. Joiphone is not really a new company in the market; it has been here for quite a while now and is busy in satisfying its customers. No wonder, the customers of Joiphone do not want to change the service providers since Joiphone customers enjoy a clear sound quality and professional tech support.

Apart from these features it would be unfair to mention their world-class tech support and customer service. You can access their customer support any time, day and night and your problem will be resolved in the least time possible. So, if you want to avail this cheap but quality calling service by Joiphone, you just need to sign up on their website for free and there you go, enjoy these services.

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