Learning from Bad VoIP Service

With so many people trying out VoIP service and so many different VoIP providers filling up the marketplace, it is invariable that some of the customers will be disappointed and some of the service providers will be… well, bad. It is unfortunate if you have found yourself disappointed by the quality of your calls or the price tag attached to them, but as in everything, there may yet be a silver lining. To turn a bad situation into something more positive, consider the following lessons which may be learned from bad VoIP service.

Reading the Fine Print

You should always read the fine print when signing a service contract. When it comes to VoIP, for example, you shouldn’t have to sign a long-term contract unless it has some real, definite benefits for you and you discuss them with your sales rep. However, less scrupulous VoIP service providers may try to sign you up for a long-term contract without your consent by adding it into the fine print. If this happens and you do have bad VoIP experiences, you will still have to pay for a disconnection fee.

Checking Your Internet Connection

It is easy to blame your VoIP provider if there is a problem with your phones. But then again, who do you blame when you’re playing a video on YouTube and it starts skipping and lagging? Likely, the answer is your internet quality. Problems with your internet could interfere with the quality of your VoIP calls, so verify that it is working well whenever you have problems.

Not All VoIP Providers Are Created Equal

Both landline phone service providers and their cell phone counterparts vary in service quality – including sound clarity, support help and cost – and there is no reason to expect that VoIP providers will not be the same. They are, and a bad experience with one carrier should not translate into an overall reluctance to use VoIP phones. To the contrary, it should motivate you to find a better service provider that will address all of the issues you had with your previous provider.

The build-up for a VoIP phone can be so exciting and full of anticipation that it feels like a major blow when you finally get your VoIP service up and running – and it turns out to be a bad experience. It may make you feel like giving up on the whole venture. But the potential benefits of VoIP are numerous, so before you surrender your excitement and hopes look alternative VoIP service providers first. Second time may be the charm – but you will never know until you try.

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