Make free calls using VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol – What is it?

Nowadays, the advancement of technology is at jet speed and internet technology is one such facility that has been altered by leaps and bounds since its inception. The use of internet has come a long way and the latest trend of internet communication is known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.  Now, with the latest VoIP technology people can make free calls to their loved ones either through long distance or international calls. The barriers in communication are eliminated with the help of free VoIP phone service provider. Once a VoIP service is connected on to the computer system, a person can make calls to his loved ones all across the globe without spending a single penny.

How does VoIP call transmission work?

The free VoIP phone calls that you make are converted as binary data packets streams which is in turn transmitted over the data network of computers. When these data packets turn up at the target they are again converted into digital voice which will enable the called person to hear your voice. This unique process of converting the voice into data, transmitting the data and then finally converting the data back into voice will be done in less than a few milliseconds time. This is how free VoIP phone calls work. The compression of the voice into data packets and the decompression of the data packets back into voice are done with the help of speed codec that is available in the free VoIP phone systems.

Advantages of VoIP calls:

One of the most important benefits of using free VoIP phone system is the absolute freedom to make local, long distance and international calls anything without getting worried of huge phone bill costs. Another advantage is that the VoIP provides its customers to chat with more than one person at a time. The calls can be made form PC to PC or even from your PC to an existing landline or mobile phone line. Apart from these services, free VoIP phone systems offer caller id, call conferencing, integrating e-mail, fax facility, video chatting and conferencing etc. Sharing of videos, photos, data files, music are all possible using free VoIP phone systems.

The various advantages of the free VoIP phone systems have persuaded more and more people to switch from their existing traditional phone lines to VoIP phone systems. With the advent of high speed internet connections these days, using VoIP systems for communication as well as other business aspects have become the order of the day. The ease in installation of the device as well as the minimal operation costs has made it the most sought after communication alternative to the traditional phone lines. As the need for cost effective communication is on the rise, there is no doubt that more and more people will be going in for free VoIP phone systems that will result in further decrease in the call costs and the service charges of the service providers in the days to come.

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