Making a Good VoIP Phone Buy

Making a good VoIP phone buy is important; although the service is often significantly lower than that of a regular phone provider, the initial hardware requirements are somewhat more expensive. Where a standard, effective regular analog phone can be purchased for as low as $10, quality VoIP phones usually cost five times that. That isn’t to suggest that VoIP phones are a bad deal – to the contrary, once you are set up, you will begin to get your money back with each bill (through savings). But it does mean that you should take a moment and make sure that you are really getting a good VoIP phone buy by considering at least some of the following:

Brand: Some brands are good and others just aren’t. Although they may be pricier, look for name brands you recognize, such as Linksys by Cisco, in order to make a satisfactory VoIP phone buy. Brand names have reputations to protect and do so by making sure their products are consistently well-produced. Plus, if something goes wrong, you have someone to call and complain to (and maybe even get your money back from). If you buy a cheaper brand that you’ve never heard of, you may find them hard to get in contact with (if, for example, you need an exchange). Lesser brands are automatically bad, of course; however, they are a gamble.

Capabilities: making a good VoIP phone buy also necessitates that you investigate the phones and consider all of their capabilities side-by-side. If they are cordless, what is their range? If they include an adapter, can you set up more than one line at a time? If you are new to the VoIP scene, ask someone in the store for an explanation about the different VoIP functions and capabilities. They often have at least a minimal training in the technology they are explaining – if not a more in-depth one. You can also research VoIP phones online to determine what everything does.

Control: When choosing a good VoIP phone buy, make sure that you pick a phone that leaves you in control. This may be something you don’t want to hear, but if you possess no technical savvy, you might want to consider skipping out on some of the more extensive features and opt for something simple – ease to control. With new technology, it is easy to become overwhelmed and become a slave to its confusing mechanisms. Instead, make an effort to choose a phone that you can really understand and control.

A good VoIP phone buy isn’t really a hard thing to find, contrary to how it may feel when you’re out shopping. But it might take a little bit of time. Still, if you are thorough and explore the options presented for you – also, of course, factoring price – you should be able to find a phone that suits you just right. Once you do make that VoIP phone buy, you will be able to enjoy your VoIP service without any problems at all.

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