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Marking out a spot for your company in the VoIP marketplace can be very difficult, as the number of companies available to customers creates a very crowded space, and you may need to be more than good if you are to have a chance of really making an impact on the market. MyPhoneCompany have at least got one thing right – the company name is immediately memorable and signifies a relationship between customer and brand. Obviously, though, things need to go deeper than that if a company is to really get over in this marketplace. So does MyPhoneCompany have enough selling points to rise to the challenge?


Cost:  Although this is just one aspect of a company’s position in the market, it is a very important aspect. The simple fact is that if you are not well-placed on pricing, you’re not likely to attract customers who can see that there are a lot of very low-cost options, and if they are going to pay out more they will want to have a very good reason for doing so. One thing that can immediately be said for MyPhoneCompany is that they offer unlimited free local calls on all plans. This is good. However, they need to give some more thought to their pricing structure – on the local plan, you will need to pay an additional two and a half cents for every minute you call non-locally. When you can get unlimited extra minutes for $5 a month, it’s hard to see why you’d take the local plan.


Other companies give more for less, it has to be said, and although the cost is not astronomical, it is worth only a 7/10 mark.


Ease of Installation:  The service is very easy to install, all things being equal. However, if things don’t work out immediately it is beneficial to have some supporting literature, and on this front MyPhoneCompany really falls down. For someone attempting to install a service for the first time, this kind of literature makes the process a lot less stressful; missing it out, therefore, is not going to help give the customer confidence in the product. They cannot be heavily marked down considering that the installation process will usually go smoothly. But in future they would be well advised to provide some supplemental materials in recognition of the fact that it would help beginners. 7/10.


Tech Support:  In any marketplace it is important to have a good level of customer support, and this becomes all the more important in a more crowded market, where decisions will be made on the strength of a company’s ability to reach out to their customers. Considering the competition in VoIP services, it is therefore a huge mistake to do what MyPhoneCompany have done and offer very little  in the way of tech support. The link for their FAQ, while we were testing the product, took us to a dead link. The ability to contact tech support is limited to a contact form, which anyone with experience in using such services knows is among the least efficient ways to fix a problem. This is quite simply very poor, and a deal breaker for many people. A low mark of 4/10 is justified.


Quality of Voice Service: There is nothing wrong with the level of voice service here. Indeed, it seems like a lot of effort has gone into making the actual phone service efficient, user friendly and worth using. The problem is that it seems like a lot of time has gone into this to the detriment of other, vitally important parts of a service. If you can install the system by yourself and avoid faults, you’ll never have a reason to complain about MyPhoneCompany. If something goes wrong you’ll feel all at sea. Nonetheless, this is not a knock on their level of voice service, which is good and indeed worth a mark of 8/10.


Speed:  As with the quality of the voice service, there’s little to find fault with on the matter of speed of service. You won’t find yourself waiting a long time for calls to connect or for the service to launch. Indeed, if the service is running smoothly you will feel quite confident in the product you are using. It’s a fun service to use when everything is going right, and on the matter of speed you will feel it more than justifies its mark of 8/10.


Features:  The VoIP marketplace seems to divide into three categories. Those companies which offer a ton of features that enhance your enjoyment of the system; those which seem to ignore features in an effort to concentrate on the bread and butter aspect of voice service; and those which manage to offer a good voice service and combine it with great features. MyPhoneCompany falls into the second category. Yes, the actual phone service is good, but feature wise they don’t offer a lot for what you are paying, and the most useful features will cost you extra. What is on offer here is not really competitive at the price, and therefore it is only worth a mark of 6/10.


Overall:  MyPhoneCompany is far from a bad service, indeed there is some room for credit here with much of what they offer. However, it cannot be avoided that there are other companies offering more for less – in some cases a lot more, and a lot less. For this reason, MyPhoneCompany is one of the lower scorers that we tested. Until such time as they make some significant changes in what they are offering, they will lag behind the better scorers; in some cases, a long way behind. Although a total mark of 40/60 overall is not disastrous, it certainly doesn’t put them among the market leaders.

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