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The marketplace for VoIP service providers is competitive, and the competition is growing seemingly daily. A lot of people swear by Phone Power as their provider, and the write-ups it has been getting seem impressive. So what can Phone Power offer you, and why should you make it your service provider? How does it score on the matters that mark a VoIP service provider out as good or bad? Read on to see exactly how it fares…



There is a range of different options on payment for Phone Power which will affect how much you are paying for the service. It is up to you to choose which one you feel best meets your needs from the following four options: Premium 12 month; Premium 24 month; Premium Monthly; and Premium Annual. Each has its pros and its cons – depending on what you prioritise, your best choice could be any one of the aforementioned. The longer the deal you commit to, the more you will save. However, this is where one of the few sticking points arises; if you wish to cancel, you will incur a cancellation fee which can be pretty steep.

Should you sign up for the 24 month plan, for example, you will be paying $14.95 per month. That’s a saving of $5 each month against what you would pay on the Premium Monthly plan. However, if you decide to leave before the end of the 24-month contract you will have to pay the cancellation fee as stipulated in the contract. This can be as much as $99 or, in the case where your contract has less than that amount still to pay, the sum total of subscriptions remaining in the contract.

If you see out your contract in full, then the cost of using Phone Power is among the most reasonable; it is only if cancelling ahead of time that you will feel an impact on your pocket. For the monthly cost you get quite a lot of benefits and will only incur extra costs if you exceed your allowed minutes. Even those extra costs are not huge, simply providing a good reminder to stay within your allowed minutes.

For Cost, we would rate Phone Power as a solid 8/10


Ease of Installation

Phone Power users are keen to praise its ease of installation. Put simply, this is a system that practically installs itself, and is on a par with some of the easiest services to install including Voipo. The system guides you through installation from start to finish. Whatever your router, the Phone Power support center gives you step-by-step instructions with helpful illustrations; even if your router is one of the rare ones that is not included in their list, you need only contact Phone Power and they will take you through the process there and then. For ease of installation, Phone Power scores a very strong 9/10


Tech Support

A strong tech support system is essential these days, and if you spend a quarter of an hour on any consumer forum you will quickly see just how damaging bad tech support can be for any company’s reputation. Phone Power is aware of the importance of good tech support and has left nothing to chance – first through the support center on its website which provides a great deal of troubleshooting information.

Secondly, should you not be able to fix a problem using the information on the site, you can contact Phone Power in a number of different ways – by email, over the phone or using the live chat support service on their website. In the unlikely event that you need to use any of these methods, they will be able to help you with your problem. For these reasons, Phone Power scores 8/10 for support.


Quality of Voice Service

Users report that Phone Power  gives a clarity of voice calling that compares favorably with any other on the market. A call from anywhere to anywhere else will have a level of clarity that puts most traditional phone systems in the shade. A mark of 8/10 was the consensus from our testers.



The speed of connection, just like the ease of installation, makes Phone Power one of the most efficient setups on the market. There is no waiting around for your call to connect, the only waiting you will have to do is for the person on the other end to pick up – and there’s nothing any company can do to accelerate that. A mark of 9/10 is testament to the quality here.



Phone Power users have the option of as many as 46 features – which, to be honest, is not the biggest list available. However, because of the way that they have prioritised the most important features, this is hardly a sticking point. Where other providers may have a list of optional features as long as your arm, but a fair percentage of these are close to useless, Phone Power pack a lot of benefits into a shorter list.

In providing more features than many providers, and more useful ones than many of the companies which theoretically offer “more”, Phone Power tallies a more than respectable 8/10 for features.



Phone Power scores well in every category, and an overall mark of 50/60 puts it right up there among the best on the market. For VoIP newbies and those looking to change to a more rewarding service, this is an option that should at the very least be checked out.

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