Popular Linksys VoIP Phone Options

Linksys is a popular technology hardware company which has for a long time now produced a lot of VoIP hardware. The company has been acquired by one-time competitor Cisco Systems and is a subdivision, though many people still refer to its products as being made by just “Linksys.” There are a number of popular Linksys VoIP phone options.

Take, for example, the Linksys VoIP Phone adapters.  They are popular because they make switching over to a VoIP phone system remarkably easy, even for those who know almost nothing about VoIP. All you have to do is plug the phone jack into the adapter and the adapter into the internet router. There are usually at least two spaces for phone jacks, so you are able to actually have two different VoIP phone lines at once.  Many owners have also applauded their small, inconspicuous size.

For those not interested in converting their regular phones over, there are also a number of Linksys VoIP phones. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some are regular office phones; others are made to go with snazzy home décor. Some are wireless, others are not. Because there are such varied options, picking the right one depends largely on what you’re looking for in a Linksys VoIP phone and the setting where you will be using it at.

The company also produces a number of headsets. Headsets are basically headphones with microphones, and you use them to communicate when your VoIP client is computer-based. You can choose a bare necessity headset or select one for comfort – with extra padding and wireless capabilities, for example. If you have a Linksys VoIP phone you will likely require a Linksys headset – they are often only compatible with phones by the same manufacturer.

You can also look for other products to help you make the most of your Linksys VoIP phone selection. Cameras, for example, allow you to add video to your online communication.  When shopping for the products, however, be sure to ask a customer representative if all of the products are compatible (Linksys branded products, for example, may be compatible with Cisco VoIP hardware, since Linksys is a subsidiary).  It is also a good idea to review online reviews of products before making your decision, so you can determine whether or not they usually perform well. Reviews can give you information packaging cannot, such as if there are any clarity issues, how easy installation might be and whether or not customer support was actually supportive. Since Linksys is a popular brand, you should be able to locate review simply by typing the product name into your search engine of choice.

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