Popular VoIP Phone Service Provider Reviews

There are several VoIP service providers who have already done a lot to become power players in the field. Reading VoIP phone service provider reviews can give you an indication on what makes them excel and you should look for in a strong provider.

Via Talk

Via Talk offers a number of cheap, flexible plans. Some of them even cost less than 100 dollars per year for as many calls as you can bear to make. You can also control a number of your plan features online – though, renting the necessary hardware through Via Talk is necessary if you do not have your own in advance. Some people express pleasure that customer service is based in the United States, not outsourced. Downsides include call quality that is just slightly below par and the unexpected build up of local fees (include an emergency fee if you want to be able to call 911 in the event of an emergency – unless cell phones, this feature is not included unless you pay). Still, all around customer satisfaction was generally high and many people have been willing to overlook some of the inconveniences due to the friendly nature of this VoIP phone service provider.

Power Phone

Power Phone makes an effort to have a plan for everyone, no matter if it is one lonely man hoping to connect with internet friends or a giant corporation hoping to cut expenses and stay abreast of the technology. Unlike many other VoIP competitors, Phone Power actually does offer long term plans, similar to the ones used by cell phone companies. Customers who choose this option pay less. Customers frequently note that the company is more reliable than others and the prices are significantly lower. Others comment on the fact that customer support for this VoIP phone service provider could be better (primarily because it takes so long just to get through to someone).


Phone.com has received a lot of positive reviews because its technology is so user friendly. The company has several business plans, but also a plan for those hoping to install a VoIP phone service at home. This VoIP phone service provider offers both short term and long term contracts, ensuring a high degree of flexibility.  Similarly, not all plans are unlimited, so you can pay less to have fewer minutes (a good thing if you don’t call that much). In general, reviewers are pleased with their experience but particularly happy with the international capabilities. Not only do some plans come with international minutes for free (so that you can call anywhere in the world) but the phone adapter also has allowed some customers to actually use a phone overseas as if they were still stationed in the United States.


ITP stands for Internet Telephone Provider. This VoIP service provider has won a lot of fans because it essentially builds a plan around your personal needs. You get a discount specific to the number of lines you request from the company, you get as many local and long distance minutes as you need, special rates for different countries, and never require a contract for any of the extra savings – which means if you change your mind, you don’t have to pay a disconnection fee for breaking the contract. Some people, however, have expressed dissatisfaction with the way that ITP seems to take a long time to stop charging for service after you cancel. The VoIP phone service has also been dinged for being only “ok.”

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