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If you think that that there is no such thing as cheap international calls you probably need to review your thoughts. With Rebtel you can not only make calls to your loved ones around the globe at very nominal prices but that too with your regular phone.

Rebtel has virtually transformed the idea of making cheap international calls in around 50 countries. Now you can call up your friends and family living abroad with your regular phone. What you need to do is just follow a simple process, which in turn will allow you to enjoy the unbelievably low costs at every international call. Well, first of all you are required to sign up on their website, which is easy and free of cost, then you need to give the details of which phone you will be using. Afterwards you need to provide the name of the person you want to call up and his /her international number.

After completing this step, Rebtel will provide you with a specific number for each friend which you need to save, on your phone and there you go! the process is finished. Now any time you want to call up your distant friend you are just required to dial up that specific number, Rebtel provided you and you consequently will be connected over the internet to your friend by Rebtel. So, it is as simple as that.

Moreover, now a new service by Rebtel that is android-to-android free call service has literally made it much easier than ever. This service basically allows a person having android app to call up another android user in any of the 50 countries, the Rebtel provide services in, for free. Now this is what you call service. Furthermore, Rebtel also provides free fist call to anyone, so that you could judge easily if you like its reception and sound quality or not. I think this is more than just irresistible.

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