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Many people are looking for ways to save money whilst a good number of them look for ways to earn some. Whether you are looking for means to save and earn money, VOIPo can help.

VOIPo is a company that is based in Texas. It was founded by Host Gator, a reputable company when it comes to web hosting. VOIPo currently offers VoIP services, voicemail services and toll free numbers. Plus, it offers earning opportunities through its referral and affiliate program.

VoIP Service

With the VoIP service offered by VOIPo, one can save up to 75% of his regular phone bill. The service uses an adapter, which will be provided by the company, to send out calls to the VOIPo network instead of sending them to the phone network. Thus, the save on call charges.

VOIPo’s VoIP service costs $8.25 per month. The adapter and its shipping are free of charge. The adapter can easily be set up by connecting it to the internet modem which is connected to the phone. The client can then choose to use his existing number or get from more than 8,000 numbers provided by VOIPo. The service already provides unlimited calls including 7, 10 and 11 digit dialling, call waiting with ID, three-way calling, call forwarding, call blocking and call return and many more features.

Virtual and Toll Free Numbers

The virtual numbers from VOIPo involves unique different phone numbers in another city that ring through the line that is the same as your VoIP number. A virtual number can be added to your vPanel account. The plans for virtual numbers from VOIPo are in monthly or annual basis.

On the other hand, toll free numbers are provided if you want your callers to save on long distance call charges. You will be the one to pay for the long distance call charges. VOIPo charges 4.9 cents and 6.9 cents for calls from United States and Canada, respectively.

Reseller Program

Starting a business is usually costly that it can be considered a big investment. It is also risky. If you want to start a business, a phone business can be one of your options. With VOIPo, you can start a phone service for only $24.95. As the name implies, you will be reselling the services offered by VOIPo and will get a profit based on the number of sales you will make.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are prevalent on the World Wide Web. If you have a website, you can instantly earn commissions by placing banners and textual links that will be provided by VOIPo on your website. You will get commission when your website visitors click the link and avail a service from VOIPo. Your commission will of course increase as the number of your website visitors clicking the links and availing services from VOIPo increases. Applying for a membership on this program is free of charge and easy. One good feature of VOIPo’s affiliate program is that there is no minimum amount needed before you can withdraw your commissions.

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