Saving Money with VoIP Internet Phone

VoIP or voice over internet protocol is the third generation or telecommunications. The first one is the plain old telephony system or POTS. It uses a circuit switched network so when you make a call, the telecommunication service provider searches for the number of the person you are calling and connects the two of you. The second one is the public switched telephone network or PSTN wherein the calls are directly addressed to the person you are calling. This is down through the interconnected telecommunication routes that have been developed. At present, calling a person may be done over an IP network such as the internet. Such calls are called VoIP calls. VoIP internet phone calls are preferred by millions of people because they are a lot cheaper than the PSTN calls. One can definitely save money using the VoIP technology. There are three main ways to make use of the VoIP technology.

VoIP Phone Service

Most VoIP phone service providers allow you to continue using your PSTN phone, the one that was provided by your telecommunication service provider. What the VoIP company will provide is an analog telephone adapter or ATA. The adapter will connect your PSTN phone to your internet modem. The calls that you will place using your PSTN phone will be routed to the VoIP company’s server.

You can save money through a VoIP phone service because the calls that you will make will not be charged by your old telecommunication company since the calls are routed to the server of VoIP company.

In addition, most VoIP companies offer a flat rate on their packages or services, which usually provide unlimited calls. If your telephone bill charges increase as you make calls, VoIP companies will charge you the same rate no matter how many calls you make. Whether you are about to make local, national or international calls, the savings are huge with the use of a VoIP phone service.

VoIP Phones

If you can get rid of the PSTN phone that you have been using for years, VoIP phones will not cost that much. There are affordable VoIP phones that will allow you to make VoIP internet calls. The wired connections are less complex with VoIP phones because your computer and the VoIP phone are the only ones that need to be connected. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that you are connected to the internet to start making calls.

VoIP phones look like PSTN phones. There is a handset, cradle and number pad (as well as other additional buttons). However, you can find new versions of VoIP phones that allow USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Computer to Computer VoIP

Surprisingly, VoIP calls are possible even without telephone hardware. You can actually make use of the VoIP technology using your computer. In fact, computer to computer VoIP is the simplest method of making VoIP calls. You just need a VoIP software. Some companies offer such kind of software for free or for very low prices. The only drawback of computer to computer VoIP calls is that the person you are calling also needs to be using a computer. Otherwise, you may be charged with computer to phone calls. Nevertheless, the charges are still lower when compared to long distance PSTN calls.


With a VoIP service or phone system, one can reduce the call costs from 50 up to 75 per cent. The VoIP call rates are much cheaper than the PSTN call charges especially when speaking about long distance calls. Whether you choose to use a VoIP phone or purchase an ATA to continue using your PSTN phone for placing VoIP calls, the savings are great making a VoIP phone system a good investment.

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