Small Business VoIP Phone Systems

Increasingly, some people run a business out of their own home. Not a large business that takes up the whole garage but something small – almost a side project. Think of the girl who sells cupcakes to weddings that she makes in her own kitchen. Think of the man that carves wood figurines in his basement and makes a living selling them on Ebay. When you have a business that puts the “small” in small business, you may find yourself asking if those small business VoIP phone systems are really for you.

Is your business too small for one of the small business VoIP phone systems?

The answer may be yes if you don’t require a receptionist (maybe your calls are just naturally forwarded to your phone), you are the only employee, and if, in general, your business is tiny. If you think this might be you, consider forgoing one of those complicated small business VoIP phone systems and instead, signing up for a VoIP home plane – particularly since the office is already at home, for some. This can save you from having to pay for functions (like video conferencing) which you may never use in the first place.

However, if your business is larger – maybe has a dozen or more employees and needs something to sort of give it a head start – seriously think about investing in one of the small business VoIP phone systems.

A third option is to not make any declaration for what kind of plan (home or business) you want, but instead to explain your calling needs to a VoIP service provider and allow them to create a custom plan fit especially to you. After all, the ability to customize a phone plan is one of VoIP’s greatest advantages.

You probably hear a lot about signing up for one of the small business VoIP plan systems, but if you aren’t sure if your company will actually use half the functions it offers you, then simply hold the order and wait to see how things can be adapted for you. The, choose the best one.

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