So You Want a VoIP Wireless Phone: Any Disadvantages?

The reasons why you should get a VoIP wireless phone are numerous and perhaps, easy to name off the top of your head. All the benefits of a VoIP phone? Check. Ease of movement in your home or office? Check. But are there any disadvantages? Though they may be harder to recall, there are a few disadvantages – this is true of almost everything. You should therefore ask yourself if the disadvantages are greater or less than the inherent advantages. Let’s consider a few, from the silly to the serious.

Potential disadvantage #1: Losing Your Phone

Because you can carry your VoIP wireless phone with you around your house, you will likely end up leaving it in a variety of places. This means when you need it, you may need to check in between the sofa pads, underneath the kitchen table, over by the microwave, etc. Anything that is not tethered to a particular spot is prone to being lost, at least some of the time. For most people, this is a silly and unimportant worry, but if you live in a household with many children (or overly talkative teens) you may cherish the ability to always find a phone located in the same place – something you won’t get if you choose a wireless phone.

Potential disadvantage #2: Losing Reception (because you wandered too far)

Your VoIP wireless phone is not a cell phone. It does not work when you wander out of its range. Think of what happens when you take your cell phone into an area where there is no reception. The call is dropped, whether it was important or not.

Wireless phones work the same way, except that their reception area is small, perhaps extending no further than the walls of your home. The actual range will depend on the IP phone you choose and your internet router.  When you use a VoIP phone that is not tethered, you may get caught up in a conversation and unintentionally step out of the range, thus ending your call. Again, this is not necessarily a deal-breaking potential disadvantage, but it worth considering if you are absent minded and forgetful.

Potential disadvantage #3: Noisy Ears

One last disadvantage of a VoIP wireless phone is that it is more accessible to noisy ears. It is easier for people to hack into your phone when it is sent via the internet and even easier when it is on a VoIP wireless phone as compared to one which is tethered to the ground.

The important thing to remember is that these are all only potential disadvantages. Just because you opt for a VoIP wireless phone doesn’t mean Murphy’s Law will kick into effect and rain down trouble over your head. You may never have to deal any of these problems. But even if you do, many of them are easily solved. For example, you can add WPA security to your phone to avoid hacks.

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