Taking it Slow with VoIP: A Proposal

Let’s take a moment to consider a modest proposal when it comes to VoIP phones – and no, this proposal will not involve the consumption of random, stray children. Instead, it offers a measured approach to those who may be curious about VoIP but unsure as to whether or not they want to use VoIP all the time, every time. It gives them a chance to dip their toes into the water before taking the full plunge. Let’s look at the facts: you are interested in the positive benefits of a VoIP program. The reviews look good. But you also don’t want to go through all the trouble of making the transition if it isn’t going to work out just right. And, no one you know and trust has VoIP, so how can you really know if VoIP phones are right for you?

The suggestion here is to just take it slow; sit back, relax. One of the advantages of VoIP is that, by all appearances, it is here to stay and nothing on the horizon suggests prices will go up if you do not get them fixed today. So step back and think of where you can try some VoIP handsets out. Maybe your college student living at home wants to keep in touch with all the friends she is making around the country, but you are concerned that she is placing a lot of long distance calls. Give her a VoIP phone. Or, maybe you are running your small business out of that small corner room in the back of your house and you wish you had more control of your phone system (since the landline isn’t quite cutting it). Give the office a VoIP phone. Just pick one place where you think you could test out some VoIP phones and then try that.

Many VoIP service providers are flexible and will allow you to change your plan (if you sign one) to incorporate more phones, later on. Since a large number of them don’t even use a plan, you can just call them up at any time to request more lines – another adapter or a few more VoIP phones, if necessary.

The important thing is to not feel pressured, because there is no reason to. VoIP phones are there for your convenience, not to cause you added trouble and grief. Think about conducting your own trial, because you do not have much to lose by just exploring VoIP phones one line at a time. There’s a chance that you may not like the set and need to cancel it – but there’s just as good a chance that you will realize you cannot wait to fill your entire home or office with VoIP phones.

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