The Benefits of the Services Offered by VOIPo

VOIPo is a company that was founded by HostGator, which is a big web hosting company. Host Gator is known for their good web hosting services. In fact, the company is hosting about three million websites at present. When it comes to services, HostGator is known for top quality services including customer support.

VOIPo was founded to provide voice over IP services. When VOIPo was founded, HostGator ensures that the clients will enjoy the benefits of the services while keeping the costs as low as possible. Below are the benefits that you can enjoy with VOIPo’s services while paying only $8.25 every month.


With VOIPo, the cost of VoIP service is low. There are many plans to choose from and the cheapest plan costs only $8.25. The plan is certainly cheap but its benefits in terms of costs are great. With the service, one can save a lot of money because the phone bill will surely decrease.

A lot of individuals and companies using VoIP have witnessed a great decrease in their expenses. In general, one can save 30 to 50 per cent of the usual phone bills with the use of VoIP services. However, VOIPo claims that their service can provide up to 75 per cent savings. This is why people who need to make calls every now and then can greatly save using VoIP like the one VOIPo can provide.

Phone Numbers

The VoIP service offered by VOIPo is extremely flexible. The company gives their client a chance to use their existing numbers so people who do not want to use VoIP services mainly because they do not want to change their contact number now have a solution.

Nevertheless, VOIPo can also provide their clients with new numbers. The company has thousands of phone numbers to offer to their clients.

Ease of Use

The VoIP service from VOIPo is easy to use. It is much like placing a normal or regular phone call. When you avail a VoIP service from VOIPo, the company will provide the VoIP adapter for free. The shipping is also free of charge.

With the ease of use, VOIPo’s service can get a perfect score. They ensure that the clients will not have a hard time connecting the adapter and placing calls. Once you receive the adapter to be sent by VOIPo, you just need to connect it to your modem which will then be connected to your phone. When you place calls, the adapter will send out the call to the VOIPo network instead of sending to the phone network. This results for you not being billed by the phone service provider for the call.

Money Back Guarantee

Have you ever tried to avail a product or service and ended up unsatisfied? VOIPo’s service can be considered as a risk free one. The company offers a money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. The period of 30 days is good to give the clients a chance to try the service and find out if it matches their preferences and requirements.

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