The Services and Programs of VOIPo

VOIPo is a company that was founded by Host Gator, a company that hosts millions of websites. VOIPo was then founded to provide voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services. They offer residential and business plans. Aside from the VoIP services, VOIPo also offers other services like toll free services and programs for referrers and affiliates.

VoIP Services

VOIPo offers two kinds of VoIP services namely residential and business VoIP services. The features of two VoIP plans from VOIPo include unlimited calls to and from the United States and Canada. The basic features include the following: 7, 10 and 11 digit dialing, caller ID with name, call waiting, three way calling, call forwarding, call blocking, do not disturb, *67 outbound caller ID blocking, and *69 call return.

Both of the plans are offered for low monthly rates. For only $8.25 per month, one can enjoy the abovementioned features.
There are also no other upfront costs since the VoIP adapter is free of charge and to be shipped without any charge from the customer. In addition, the company gives a good period of 30 days for their customers to try the product and request for their money to be returned in case of any dissatisfaction.

Toll Free Numbers

This service is best for business establishments and public agencies. When you get a toll free number from VOIPo, people can call the toll free number without being charged for long distance calls. The calls will then be forwarded to your current or existing phone number. This is good since you would not need to get a new phone line or any other equipment to provide convenience to your callers.

Affiliate Program

VOIPo also offers an affiliate program. There is no need for expert technical knowledge. With this program, one can earn money through his website with VOIPo. Plus, there is no fee required for a membership in VOIPo’s affiliate program.
If you will apply for the affiliate program of VOIPo, your task is to generate traffic and sales for the commercial websites. The company will provide the necessary banners and textual links that you will need to place on your website. The banners and textual links can then be clicked by your website visitors who will be redirected to VOIPo’s website. In return, the company will give you a commission.

The affiliate program of VOIPo uses tracking software to record your commission. The payment that you will receive will depend on your commission type you can choose from Tiered Residential Freedom that involves 1-9 sales per month with a rate of $50 per sale or more than 10 sales per month with a negotiated rate. There is also no payout required so you can withdraw your commission anytime regardless of how much you have earned.

Reseller Program

With the Reseller Program of VOIPo, your task is to resell the services offered by VOIPo like VoIP services, voicemail services, virtual numbers, and toll free numbers. It is a good way to start a business. All you need is $24.95 to sign up for the program.

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