Try VOIPO Asterisk! If You Need Voip Server Software

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) server software is called Asterisk. This software handles all the calls that are subscribed to the service. For VOIPO asterisk, which is hosted by Hostgator, you can be insured with very good service. This includes many features, promos and cheap rates. Cheap is also what we can call VOIPO’s international calls. And the simplicity of their services is astonishing because of the high quality of service they provide. It is also amazing because of the low rates that come with their product.

Simple and Cheap

VOIPO uses their own adapter to connect the traditional landline to the Internet line. Because of that, computers are not needed anymore to start a VoIP call. For those who do not know VoIP, VoIP is also known as Internet voice call. The calls are handled by the VOIPO asterisk to ensure that it goes to the right phone number. Because of this, you will only pay for the amount unlimited voice call costs and which is less than $10. Actually, the service of VOIPO is as low as $6 a month. That is very cheap.


The VOIPO service has a lot of features. They have basic features of an ordinary landline, and advanced features that can be added with Internet calls. An example of a feature is caller blocking. By editing your settings using a computer, you can set a phone number or an area code to be blacklisted from calling you. Also, you can call anonymously using just *67 before you call. You can also have a personalized Caller ID. It fully functions as a landline, but it has a lot of useful features with it.

An advanced feature that VOIPO have is that, you can have a contact list so that incoming caller ID is also personalized. Also, all calls that you make with your VOIPO phone becomes logged online for your own reference. Also, voicemails can be linked to your email by just setting up your default email to you VOIPO account.

They also give promos and discounts for everyone. If there is a time that the promotional codes are not available, then that only means that the discounts are for everyone to enjoy. No more codes for that time.

The services of VOIPO are available for home and business use. The rates are just a little different between the two, but have the same quality of service. If you order the product, it will be immediately delivered to your doorstep. Manuals are available with the package and online for reference on how to install the device.

Online Support

Their website also has lots of information about the product. They provide manuals for basic subscribers and also for advanced subscribers. They also have 24/7 customer support to help a customer in need. They also respond quickly to a problem posed by a customer, which is very convenient for subscribers of such telephone service. All made available to you by VOIPO.

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