Types of Uses from VOIPo and Similar Companies

Are you thinking about using Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for your business? There are even service providers, like VOIPo, that offers services for residential homes. Instead of relying on your landline or cellular phone, you can use VoIP or what is also known as Internet telephony. Instead of using wiring systems, this newer phone system uses broadband connection in order to connect people. DSL or cable systems are not quite enough to support the kind of Internet connection that VoIP needs.

There are several methods through which you can put your VoIP service to use:

1. Calling from computer to computer

This is the original kind of VoIP service that you can get from companies like VOIPo. This is the basic kind of usage for the service. The computer users can be connected to each other by using a certain software application on their computers. There are service providers that can even provide this service for free. As long as the users have a computer with stable broadband connection and a headset, communication can start. It may not be the best service that you can get but it has already shown a lot of improvements with new developments.

2. Calling from a computer to a mobile phone or landline
With your computer connected with a VoIP service from companies like VOIPo, you can call anyone in the world with a landline or mobile phone. This is considered as an even more convenient type of communication when only one of the users is required to be logged on to a software program on the computer. Without this little disadvantage, you call anyone at any time because they can hear their phone ring anyway. You have more chances of being able to talk to someone instead of calling a person through his computer. There is no need to set a definite time and date to make your call. Most service providers charge this service, but you can still enjoy cheaper rates. Aside from businesses, many individuals use this service to call loved ones and friends abroad. When you use VoIP, there is no significant difference between the rates used on local and long distance calls abroad. This is one advantage why many residential homes are choosing to connect using the services from companies like VOIPo.

3. Calling using VoIP phones
These are phones that are designed to function with VoIP features alone. However, they look and function just like any regular telephone. Communication is the same, with answer functions like a regular phone. However, it needs an Internet connection in order to work. Dialing the number is similar to any phone as well. Moreover, anyone can call you on your phone as well by simply dialing your number. This can help you connect to people with great ease too.

4. Calling using VoIP adapters
These are necessary to allow the use of VoIP phones. The adapter keeps the VoIP phone connected to the Internet in order to activate the system. You can enjoy the same benefits that you have from a telephone but with huge cost savings.

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