Types of VoIP Phone Sets

Appearance of VoIP phone

In telecommunication the main part that helps to achieve communication is the phone set. The conventional telephones, mobile phones and internet phones need an instrument for transmitting and receiving voice or data as the case may be. The VoIP phone set is much similar to the conventional telephone in its appearance. The VoIP phone set is not cool or attractive like the mobile phones. The VoIP phones were created keeping in mind that they should serve the purpose for which they are made and to make it available to the customers as cheaply as possible. You cannot expect to find any trendy designs for VoIP phone set.

Ethernet phones

One of the phones that use VoIP technology is the Ethernet hard phone set. The difference of this VoIP phone set from that of the conventional telephone set is that the Ethernet set have an Ethernet port and the conventional phone set will have phone jack. The job of a port in an Ethernet set is to connect it with the VoIP server or to another phone of similar type. By using Ethernet set one can avoid the need for getting connected to a personal computer to make and receive the calls. This is because an Ethernet set has an in-built VoIP server for making the connection.

The WI-FI Set

The WI-FI phone set is a wire free set and needs a wide area net work or a hot spot for successfully achieving the connection. They work in the same principle as that of a wire less internet connection. This VoIP phone set is very convenient as it can be used when a person is traveling. The WI-FI phone sets are becoming one of the popular VoIP phone set. They are more widely accepted than the cell phones by the traveling people for their communication purpose.

Finding other options

Apart from the options given above there are many other types of VoIP phone set. The selection of the VoIP phone set solely depends on the type of use you have with it. One can determine the   VoIP phone to buy by listing out the need for the phone set and then coming to a conclusion. If a person is interested to know more about the type of VoIP phones they can get the help of VoIP phone dealers or service providers. If you are using VoIP phones for your business purpose to make long distance calls the find out which phone sets are durable and provide clarity to the voice. The reviews and ratings of various types of VoIP phone set are available from the inter net. One can do a little bit of research and take a decision about the type of phone to buy. With wide variety and models having special features are available in phone set it will not be very difficult to find the right type of phone which will full fill your needs.

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