Understanding VoIP Services in A Better Way

Introduction to VoIP:

The big thing that is happening in the internet world these days is the VoIP service. At present we are all living in a world that is totally digitalized. Be it call phones, radio, cable and television, each and every electronic item is getting digitalized. So, when all these devices are working in the digital age, how come traditional phones still rule the roost when it comes to telephone communication? Nowadays, VoIP phone services is gaining popularity all over the world, there will be a time coming up pretty soon, when landline telephone technology will be a thing of the past. VoIP phone services is a powerful tool that helps in communication with your loved ones over the internet through a microphone socket connected to the computer or through the land phone in your home that is connected to the computer through an adaptor.

How does VoIP work?

The process of making a phone call using VoIP phone services is as follows: The dialed number through the VoIP phone is put across to the voice gateway. The digital digits of the call are decoded by the voice gateway and this will locate the destination IP address where the dialed phone number is to be serviced. The dialed party will receive an incoming call indication via the remote gateway and thus a communication is established between the two digitally. Once the phone is picked up at the receiver’s end, a virtual path is established between both the gateways. The audio communication is now received by the virtual path and it converts the voice signal into digital form. The virtual path then squeezes and packages the rendered information and finally directs the packets to the destination gateway through the internet. Finally, the packets are converted into analog signal from the digital audio signal.

Types of phones used:

VoIP phone services have three alternative phone options to choose from:

PC Based soft phones: This is most commonly known as Internet phones or digital phones. It is the cheapest type of phone application. A software program that supports VoIP phone services has to be installed in the user’s computer to enable use of VoIP phone. The sole purpose of soft phones is to interconnect the internet telephony service provider to conventional telephones. A high speed broadband internet connection is a must for the communication between the caller and the receiver. Dedicated VoIP Phone services makes calls without the support of computers. This means that the dedicated VoIP service connects the desk top phones or mobile phones. The VoIP phone services provider is responsible for routing the calls through the network and hence is a very costly service. Analog Telephone Adaptor uses an Ethernet port on one end and the phone jack on the other end to link one or more analog phones to a digital or standard phone to provide the communication.


The VoIP phone services provide a variety of features, plans and services for its customers at a very reasonable cost. A thorough research on the various uses and the needs are to be carried out before choosing a VoIP service that is best suited for either your home or business.

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