Using VoIP Cordless Phones

Using VoIP cordless phones isn’t necessarily a hard thing to do (some are pretty basic) but there are a few steps you should follow when you are setting up your service. These steps start even before you select your service provider and extend until after you are fully set-up. Don’t worry, though! They are not hard or very time-consuming. Here they are:

Contact Your Would-Be Provider

First things first: if you know you want to use VoIP cordless phones and have nothing tying you down, discuss the issue with your would-be VoIP service provider. This is because the VoIP industry is still catching up with itself and not all businesses are on equal footing when it comes to technology and hardware. The plainest way to say it is like this: some VoIP providers just don’t have compatible cordless phones. So if you want to make sure you can roam the vast halls of your home or take that client call down to the conference room three doors down, ask your provider if they do work with cordless phones, which manufacturer you should buy and whether or not the phones are provided when you sign up for their service. This may also be a good way to get the VoIP cordless phones for cheap.

Make Sure You Have Batteries

This seems like a small issue that it is sometimes overlooked. After all, when you’re spending money and time setting up a VoIP service, you don’t think about the little things until the software is working, your calls are ready to be made and… you can’t make the phone work because your VoIP cordless phones are battery run and you don’t have any. Also, make sure to buy the right batteries; if you are receiving your phone from the VoIP service provider, ask someone if anything is needed for set up (sometimes everything is provided for you in advance).

Take it for a Test Run

When everything is set up, take your VoIP cordless phones for a test run. Make sure your cordless phone is plugged in and then place a call to someone capable of receiving it. While you should take a moment to enjoy the new system, don’t forget to pay attention to important details, like sound clarity. Can you hear the other person crystal clear or is there a lot of static? To a certain extent, the clarity will depend on the quality of your internet service and your phone itself, but if there are extensive problems you may need to send the VoIP cordless phone back (depressing as that may be in the midst of your excitement). It is better to have your problems address right at the outset, so they can be repaired at the manufacturers expense – not your own.


The more you use your VoIP cordless phones, the more familiar you will become with them and they will become much easier to use. If you initially chose an easy model, you may want to revisit the VoIP phone selection later on in order to move to a fancier, more complicated, feature-heavy model. So go ahead – place all the calls you require – and enjoy them!

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