Voice Over IP Phone – Advantages and Disadvantages

In every commercial or advertisement of VOIP system, you will find voice over ip phone very attractive and inviting as its telephone service system is cheaper than that of your local telephone system. One of the best advantages that you can get with this system is that you can use a cordless phone and it also provides you fast browsing network speed that your local internet provider does not provide. The voice over ip phone system works with your present network connections whether it is a DSL, broadband connection or any cable modem but if you have a dial up connection then it does not work with it. And if you have a broadband connection then with the help of VoIP you will be able to avail more enhanced features. In the services of VoIP, you will find a wide range of varieties and as compared to its previous functioning; you will find it very advanced and clear.

When it comes to the advantages of its telephone system then from among its many services, the biggest benefit you can avail is cost. Because you always get irritated while paying a huge amount of telephone bills but when you talk about voice over ip phone then it is cheap and you do not have to provide any extra money for any of its standard features like call blocking, call waiting, voicemail and call forwarding. It is great news for you because in this service you just have to pay a standard amount of money, nothing more, and in this service you are provided long distance calls and local area calls for unlimited time period. As its price is low as compared to the local calling networks, it has become very popular and well known among the users who want to have any backup phone for homes as they also have mobiles. By this, your mobile bill will also get decreased and you can talk as much as you can at low calling rates.

When you talk about the disadvantages of voice over ip phone telephone system then you find that if your network connection does not work properly then this system will also goes down. So if you are talking about any serious thing with someone in a call you suddenly get disconnected. Another disadvantage is that if your electricity goes out you can not be able to talk with anyone as the network connection is not connected with it. However, besides above all disadvantages, people love to use voice over ip phone system because it is providing a modern way of talking and a reasonable price which you can’t get with your local traditional telephone system.

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