VoiceEclipse Reviews

VoiceEclipse Voip Reviews

VoiceEclipse is a new, independent VoIP provider with a reputation for doing the important things well. In the current market, there is a real chance that they will be passed over by people looking for a higher-powered service, but a lot of keen VoIP users have said highly positive things about their service. The big question about them is whether they have the potential to grow, or whether they will remain as one of the smaller companies picking up subscriptions from people who aren’t keen to pay the large costs involved in going with companies who seem to offer the earth in return for big fees.


Cost:  One of the first things to notice about VoiceEclipse is that their low cost plan is $12.95 – far from the cheapest in the market but, at the same time, in no way an expensive one. The next thing you’ll notice about this plan is that it offers a total of 500 free minutes of local and long-distance calling. If you’re expecting to use the system a lot, and particularly as a business VoIP solution, you’re almost certain to exceed those minutes, and then it’s 3.5 cents for every additional minute. For $7 more, you can get unlimited local and long distance calling, which is what you’d pay for another 200 minutes, so for most people the common-sense approach would be to go for the Premium Plan at $19.95. Which is really a pretty good deal. Overall, a mark of 7/10 for cost is appropriate.


Ease of Installation:  A lot of companies seem to miss the fact that ease of installation can really sell a product. Convenience is a big deal both in residential and business markets, and you like to be able to offer a system that is pretty close to “plug in and play”. While the VoiceEclipse system isn’t quite that simple, it is pretty straightforward and, importantly, is well explained by the setup instructions provided on their website. You’ll have a hard time being confused by the installation process but, even if you are, the customer service department is endlessly helpful and easy to access, and will provide the information you need to complete the process. For ease of installation, it’s a well-deserved 9/10 for VoiceEclipse.


Tech Support:  There is some debate online as to the quality of VoiceEclipse’s tech support, although we can’t really see why. Their FAQ section is very informative, and if you don’t find what you need there then you can give them a call or an email and they’ll promptly do what they can to help you. However, what really makes their tech support impressive is the fact that, if after speaking to a representative you still can’t get things sorted out, then you can email the management team and they will make every effort to ensure that your problem is fixed. This is one of the best systems of tech support we have found, as they really seem to go above and beyond to ensure a good result. This deserves, and earns, a mark of 10/10.


Quality of Voice Service:  VoiceEclipse’s policy appears to be one of ensuring that the important things are done right. Although their plans and features are considered to lack a certain something, it cannot be denied that the things that really decide a company’s quality are well looked after. Just as their tech support and customer service are impressive, so is their actual voice service. It’s clear, prompt and secure and you really cannot ask any more from them than that. It may not be as perfectly clear as some of the bigger hitters, but that’s really nit picking – this is a perfectly fine service. Worth 8/10, which is a good mark.


Speed:  Again, nothing to fault on this front. It may not be as bang-on efficient and speedy as the more expensive and higher-powered competitors, but there’s nothing here that will make you feel you should have gone somewhere else. Connection is prompt and there is no delay – at least, not during our extensive testing of the system. VoiceEclipse have done a good job here, and deserve a mark of 8/10


Features:  One area where VoiceEclipse has come in for some criticism is on its list of features. What can be said for the features they do have is that they are quite useful and for any beginner, they are more than sufficient. However, it is true that they could offer a lot more features, and the limitations of what they have made available will probably stop them from challenging some of the higher-profile brands. It’s not a case of the features being bad or useless, it would just be nice if they would offer a few more. In time, it seems likely that they will and when they do they’ll really turn heads. For now, however, it’s hard to give them more than 6/10.


Overall:  Although reviews elsewhere have been loath to praise VoiceEclipse, they seem to focus a lot more on what the service doesn’t offer than what it does. Yes, there are some holes in the service but it’s not as though those holes are in the most important areas. In actual fact, the things that they do offer make up in most cases for what they don’t, and it would be harsh to mark them down for not offering a perfect service at this stage in their development. It seems fair to say that there is room for improvement and that they are likely to improve. As such, 48/60 is a reasonable mark overall.

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