VoIP Office Phones: Necessary vs. Frivolous Hardware

When you’re setting up VoIP office phones, it is easy to get carried away and purchase the wrong equipment – equipment that may not be necessary or could be considered frivolous. On the other hand, there are some necessary pieces of hardware you should be sure to purchase to go along with your VoIP office phones. Consider the following comparison between some equipment that is a must-have and some equipment that should be avoided:

Necessary Hardware for VoIP Office Phones

Handsets – cordless or not, should always be part of your set up. Without VoIP compatible phones, all the VoIP service in the world will not matter because you won’t be able to access it. So, pick up some handsets for your employees and yourself. You might qualify for a discount on handsets if you are ordering in bulk, so be sure to consult your sales rep.

Internet – you probably have all your internet service already set up long before you consider VoIP phones, but in the event you are a startup company, you should make sure that your internet service up and running before you begin the VoIP process; your phones won’t work, otherwise.

Frivolous Hardware for VoIP Office Phones

PBX Box – You’re making the switch to VoIP, so don’t waste your time buying all the equipment for a phone system. Instead, make sure that your VoIP service provider has all of the services that you think you will require. This will save you room and money.

Headsets and Microphones – headsets and microphones are essential if you are going to use a VoIP program to run off your computers – but chances are, if you are a small business you will be purchasing dedicated VoIP handsets. If this is true, do not waste your time buying extra materials for your VoIP phones if someone suggests they might be useful – they probably won’t. In the event you have a department that does require those materials, you can also order them later. In the meanwhile, you will still be able to make all your VoIP calls using your dedicated VoIP handsets.

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