VoIP Phone Adapter: Is It For You?

There are a couple of ways to use your VoIP phone service; one of them is to turn your regular old phone into a new VoIP phone by using a VoIP phone adapter to bridge the technology. It is probably one of the fastest ways to gain access to the world of VoIP – and also, one of the easiest ways to retain your connection to that old landline. Here’s some more information about that VoIP phone adapter you might have your eye on:

What It Looks Like

The adapters sound great, but they don’t expect you to lug a huge box into your home or office just to adapt your phone systems, do they? No, of course they don’t! A standard VoIP adapter resembles perhaps your cable modem. It is usually a relatively small, unremarkable, electronic-looking box. Most come in electronic standards of off-white and black.

What Does Set-Up Entail?

With most VoIP adapters, you insert your phone cord (the one that you usually plug into the wall) into the designated slot on the adapter box. At the same time, you connect the box to your router (wireless or not). And that’s it! Afterwards, you are ready to place your calls through a VoIP service. Fairly simple, right? You may also need to plug in a power cord, depending on the VoIP phone adapter you choose.

Is There Flexibility?

If you want to retain the ability to call through your regular landline service, this makes it pretty easy to do. All you have to do is move the phone jack back into the wall. However, it is notable that while the phone jack is in use with the VoIP adapter, you will not be able to receive calls on your landline. In addition, there’s certain flexibility in regards to the number of lines. Many a VoIP adapter gives you the option to plug in multiple phone jacks, thus creating a variety of phone lines to call from.

Extra Considerations

You may opt to simply buy new phones if you are using VoIP for your business and need to give access to dozens or hundreds of employees. However, a VoIP phone adapter is an excellent choice if you are simply setting up the service in your home or for only a handful of employees.

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