VoIP Phone Recorder

Okay – you’ve considered all of the reasons why you might want to install a VoIP phone recorder and you have looked into the legality of it. You have your notification ready, already (“this call may be recorded”) and you are now looking into choosing an appropriate VoIP phone recorder. The question then becomes: where to start?

Determine what kind of VoIP phone recorder you are looking for. Some of them work the way any phone recorder works – by recording sound that is loud enough to be picked up. In order to use these recorders, you can set your phone to loudspeaker and simply press “record.” The main benefits of this option include the fact that it is easy to use, even if you are not technologically savvy and a price that may be lower, since this technology has been around longer and is not at its premium.

The notable disadvantage of the option is the quality: because sound is being picked up as it essentially floats by the recorder, it may include static or sound fuzzy. It may also pick up sounds outside of the phone call, such as the sound of your kids playing in the living room or your co-workers’ conversation about their big weekend plans.

The other and perhaps more advanced, VoIP-friendly option, is to install a program that works with your VoIP service and records the sound as it passes through your computer. When it is being sent back and forth, the audio is transferred to digital forms of sound – such as .wav files – and then sent away. Recording programs may be able to save the audio when it is in this digital format, taking the sound directly from the sound card. The advantages and disadvantages of this program are the inverse of the phone recorders which pick up analog sound. The quality is much clearer and easier to access; however, they are somewhat more expensive and may be more complicated to set up. The pros and cons of both phone recording options should be considered when making the final decision regarding a VoIP phone recorder.

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