VoIP Phone Service Reviews

VoIP phone service reviews are an excellent way to gain information about a VoIP phone service provider. They give you insight from the only people who know – the ones who have already been through the experience. Below, we will examine some common themes in a number of VoIP phone service reviews for popular providers Vonage, AT&T and Skype. Though they do not represent the entire VoIP industry, they do give a look at what a lot of people are saying, even if it’s not everyone is experiencing.

VoIP Phone Service Reviews #1: Vonage

Vonage is a nationwide provider which has garnered mostly popular reviews. Many reviewers are glad that Vonage makes the service set-up easy by providing all the necessary hardware. Even if you have no internet in your home before the set-up, Vonage takes care of you by providing a wireless router – saving you extra dollars. A lot of reviewers also were pleased with how easy it was to use the online management guide, even with no practice or explanation. It was described as being “intuitive.” Still, there was a little bit of dissatisfaction. Some noted that (perhaps because of its name) Vonage had higher prices than some of the competitors. In addition, the help desk failed to solve the problems of many people calling in with concerns and issues. At some points, their service was referred to as “terrible” and “inept.” Overall, Vonage was a good, reliable VoIP phone service provider, according to reviews.

VoIP Phone Service Reviews #2: AT&T U-verse Voice

AT&T U-verse Voice is the VoIP service offered by mega-company AT&T (which also has popular offers in traditional phone service and cell phone plans). The plan is sometimes called AT&T CallVantage. Some people were pleased with the unusual benefits of AT&T – particularly the ability to call not from a phone or even your computer, but rather via your television set. The major downside of this VoIP provider is the price – the service from AT&T is one of the most expensive out there. A few people also expressed disappointment that a number of calls were simply lost or cut off abruptly.

VoIP Phone Service Reviews #3: Skype

Skype is perhaps the highest rated VoIP service provider, based on VoIP phone service reviews. They are consistently high. Many reviewers are increasingly happy with the company’s integration efforts (particularly in how they can stay signed in with their social networking sites and chat while perusing the internet). They also get high marks for their video calling capabilities. Also, a number of reviews are pleased with how easy it is to receive updates (which are free) and look forward to the ability place group calls. The only real negative mentioned in most reviews is that, sometimes, when a new version is rolled out it contains a few bugs – though even those are promptly fixed.  No wonder their VoIP phone service reviews are so glowing!

To read some more VoIP phone service reviews, consider searching a review site such as CNET. And, once you have tried out a service provider, consider paying it forward and leaving a few VoIP phone service reviews of your own, so that future potential customers will have the opportunity to go through the same process and become better informed.

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